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Substances of Concern

Supplier Information
In an effort to make our supply chain more environmentally transparent, we require you as a supplier to Infineon to make a statement regarding the presence or absence of certain substances of concern (SoC), which the market currently requires us, as responsible producers of electronics products, to declare.

Please complete and sign the Substance-of-Concern (SoC) declaration letter for the products supplied to Infineon Technologies by your company. The warranty letter and SoC list can be found below for download ( Once completed, please forward the warranty letter to Infineon Technologies AG, Dept. Business Continuity, P.O.Box 800949, 81609 Munich or email to

Your task as a supplier to Infineon is to assure us that these substances of concern are either not present in the products you supply to us, or when present* to provide the concentration level and product name in which they are found.

*Please note:

1) The word "present" refers to detectable presence, where detection is the most economically reasonable method (i.e. ICP, XRF, GC-MS or bill-of-materials methods).

2) The SoC list is a summation of all known substances, which the market currently requires Infineon to declare and may change, hence please be sure to quote the SoC list Version No. in the warranty letter.