Infineon University Alliance Program

The Infineon University Alliance Program includes complimentary access to our full suite of software tools, as well as low-cost hardware development boards for research, graduate, and undergraduate teaching. The program is intended to help electrical engineering and computer science students jump on a fast track to career success.

Education Resources

University educators play a vital role in preparing the future workforce and conducting advanced technology research.
The Infineon University Alliance Program not only enables access to Infineon’s leading-edge technology and solutions, but also provides training, high-quality technical support and curriculum development assistance.

Teaching Materials

Below are links to a selection of PSoC™ text and lab books. If you have authored any materials you would like to share with other academics, please contact

Digital Design with PSoC™ 4

Maker Movement hobbyists, prospective engineers, and grad students alike will enjoy this laid-back yet productive approach to building with PSoC™, starting off simple and slowly progressing to more and more complex circuitry.


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Hands-on Guide to the PSoC

This textbook introduces readers to mixed-signal, embedded design and provides, in one place, much of the basic information to engage in serious mixed-signal design using Infineon's PSoC™.


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Featured Student Projects

Tetris with PSoC™ 5LP

  • PSoC™ 5LP powered Tetris
  • Recreation of arcade classic
  • Usage of Nintendo wireless controller and TFT display screen.

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Music Playing and Recording System with PSoC™ 5LP

  • Listens to a song played, identifies notes, and records the song
  • Plays back using different instruments and tempos
  • Prints song on paper creating player piano sheet music


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Alarm Clock and More with PSoC™ 5LP

  • Wakes you up with movies
  • Keeps track of your calendar
  • Plays songs and voice messages

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Light Organ

  • As the light beams are broken TFT indicates which notes are played
  • Different octaves can be selected
  • CY8CKIT-050B is visible on top of the box

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Photoshop on a PSoC 5LP™

  • Complete suite of photo processing tools
  • Manipulate photo on screen
  • Can also see results on oscilloscope in X Y mode

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