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 Sensor simulation tools allow you to compare products in application conditions. First select the specific application type and then choose various magnetic and sensor parameters. Live simulated waveforms of the magnetic field are generated as well as data calculations for sensor devices allowing you to compare the effect of parameter variations.

3D Magnetic Sensor Design Tool

Infineon's innovative 3D magnetic sensor offers accurate three-dimensional sensing of the magnetic field. Our design tool covers some typical applications which can be addressed with 3D magnetic sensors like angle and linear position measurement including joystick.

HallDesk: Magnetic Hall Switch Simulation Tool

With this design tool you explore the vast Infineon hall switch portfolio. It will help you to find the right product and to verify your design by simulating your solution online.

Angle Sensor Magnetic Design Tool

With this tool you can measure the valid air-gap (distances from magnet surface to sensor) given a certain magnet size and remanence (diametrical magnetization) and sense the worst case angle error caused by tilts and eccentricites of magnet and sensor elements against the axis of rotation.