Infineon XENSIV™ - Sensor Simulation Tools

Choose the best fit Magnetic Sensor Solution from broadest portfolio

Our sensor simulation tools allow you to compare products in application conditions. The tools are easy-to-use and will guide you in identifying the most suitable Infineon XENSIV™ - Sensor combined with the best-fit magnet.

Simulate magnetic field waveforms and data calculations live, allowing to compare different parameter conditions.

3D Magnetic Sensors

3D magnetic field sensor for smaller, more accurate and robust designs. The sensor family, with low current consumption and cost-optimized design, specifically addresses the needs of new magnetic sensor applications in consumer, industrial and automotive. They are ideally suited for the measurement of three dimensional movement within a magnetic field, linear slide movement as well as 360° angle rotation.

Hall Switches

Discover Infineon´s broad energy saving portfolio of Hall switches in smallest package. Simulate your Hall switch applications and see the results in an accurate simulation of the magnetic field and the switching behavior of the Hall switch in the application.

Magnetic Angle Sensors

Highest variety - low end to high end, standardized and specialized in all four magnetic technologies: Hall, GMR, AMR and TMR. This tool calculates the valid distance from the magnet surface to the sensor and the assembly error, given certain parameters: magnetic properties , sensor specification and assembly tolerances.