Welcome to Automotive Power Supply ICs Simulation Tool

Thank you for using the OPTIREG™ Simulation Tool, the online simulator for loss and stability calculations for Infineon's

OPTIREG™ Automotive Power Supply ICs. This includes OPTIREGTM Switchers, OPTIREGTM PMICs and OPTIREGTM SBCs.


Description of the models:

    • Stability Calculation: A small-signal linearized model of the converter to predict the loop gain under varying conditions.

           Such as: input voltage, output current and external components.

    • Efficiency (for OPTIREG™ Switcher) and Power Dissipation Calculation (for OPTIREG™ PMICs):

           A thermal simulation based on a large signal transient switching model. It predicts the efficiency and the self-heating

           for different thermal interfaces and parts.


Click on a model to simulate: 

OPTIREG™ Automotive Power Supply IC models