IPOSIM – Infineon Online Power Simulation Tool

Thank you for using IPOSIM, the online power simulation program for loss and thermal calculation of Infineon power modules, discrete and disk devices. It supports you in

  • selecting the right product for a given application topology
  • simulating the switching and conduction losses including assessment of the thermal performance based on your given cooling conditions including performance comparison of various products and input specifications and saving the results

New: Discrete products, Automotive high-power modules, including HybridPACK™ Drive, CoolSiC™ Automotive Easy 1B, DC6i product families for Three Phase – 2 Level inverter, Half-Bridge Series-Resonant for Induction Heating, , ANPC topology including CoolSiC™ MOSFET Modules


Highlights of the new tools

  • factor 5+ faster simulation performance delivered by the PLECS simulation framework widely used in power electronic systems design
  • enhanced user experience combined with existing myInfineon account and registration infrastructure

How to start

  1. myInfineon login: check if you already have an myInfineon account, if yes start new IPOSIM: https://iposim.infineon.com/application
  2. register here if you do not have an account yet
  3. wait for our registration email and confirm by clicking on the link
  4. finalize registration and start to new IPOSIM