The Flexible Safety RTOS

Flexible Safety RTOS is the  Pre-Certified Safety  RTOS with Space Protection for usage according  to  IEC 61508, IEC 62304, and ISO 26262


All service functions of the proven real-time kernel µC/OS-II are pre-certified with the unchanged interface. Consequential the usage is possible within an existing system, too. The  possibilities of the flexible Safety RTOS is results out of a  complete set of RTOS services, the space protection  extension, and the advantages of a pre-certified component :

Consistent Interface:

  • The Application Programming Interface (API) is unchanged in relation to Micriums real-time kernel µC/OS-II. Therefore existing software parts can be (re-)used easily

Compiler Independence

  • The pre-certification is performed in a way, that no certified Compiler is required. We can perform certification of the Flexible Safety RTOS with all existing compilers.

Complete System:

  • The Flexible Safety RTOS includes a reference BSP with all needed hardware-related functions. This certifiable BSP is implemented with high flexibility and can be adjusted to your project.

Safety with Certificate:

  • Independent assessors have been checked the development multiple times and confirm with a certificate, that our Flexible Safety RTOS is ideally suited as a component for function safety products.