OPN Structure

The Orderable Part Number consists of two parts: The OPN salesname and the OPN suffix.

The OPN salesname can differ from the actual salesname:

  1. It does not contain any special characters such as blanks or dashes
  2. If the salesname exceeds 19 digits after the elimination of special characters it will be adjusted to fit the maximum length of the OPN (24 digits)
  3. Microcontroller products with an SA prefix will not have this prefix in the OPN salesname. Additionally the temperature identifier will be moved to the end of the OPN salesname (Microcontroller products only)

The OPN suffix describes the product in more detail:

  • RoHS status
  • Halogen status
  • Totally lead free status
  • Packing type 
  • Packing size 
  • Moisture protection packing