Connectivity and Security
Wireless technologies like Bluetooth® for streaming and Bluetooth Low Energy technology for ultra-low-power connectivity form the backbone of the IoT.
Smart Sensor
XENSIV™ sensors are designed to “smartify” lives by enabling “things” to “understand” their environment thus paving the way for new and compelling applications.
Intelligent Lighting
When sensors, networks, and software are connected to LED infrastructures, the resulting system enables services that exceed the value of lighting alone.
Power Management
Infineon is the only company offering a portfolio of all power technologies – silicon (Si), silicon carbide (SiC), and GaN that empower your IoT solution.

IoT XENSIV™ lighting platform enabled by 24GHz radar sensors and XDP™ lighting system

IoT XENSIVTM lighting platform is complete development platform for IoT enabled XENSIVTM sensors and Infineon XDPTM lighting system. Radar collects environmental data such as people counts, wireless connectivity connects cloud server and microcontroller controls the digital LED driver, XDPL8221. It provides a rapid development prototyping platform for IoT applications.


Smart downlight evaluation kit enabled by XENSIV™ 24GHz radar sensor - for people counting with LED control & cloud connection

This smart downlight evaluation kit is based on IoT XENSIVTM lighting platform which consists of 4 major parts, central control board (XMC MCU), wireless connectivity module, LED lighting driver, and provides a common radar sensor interface to support different third party radar module's partners. This smart downlight can be installed in the office, shopping mall, shop, and exhibition hall, etc, for accurate people counting with high privacy requirement consideration. The real-time people count and LED lighting's electrical data will send to IoT XENSIVTM portal directly. The downlight can be managed, data can be visualized and extract in the portal, it can also able to collaborate with third-party smart lighting or building system.


IoT XENSIVTM Portal links Infineon semiconductor from real world to digital world provide a demo version of  cloud platform for device management. It seamless connect with authorized sensor module to shorten the proof of concept phase. The portal provides Device / User management, Device data acquisition, stream data ingest, data processing & storage, Data analytics and Security service.


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