Magnetic Sensors - Unlock the Power of Efficiency
Improving motor efficiency is key to reduce the CO2-emission and help to achieve the global 1.5°C warming limitation target

Reduce the CO2-emission and help achieve the global 1.5°C warming limitation targets.

Our latest Hall sensors generation will reduce the current consumption and will contribute to extend runtime of battery powered devices significantly

  • Broad portfolio of Hall sensors, 3D-Hall and angle sensors
  • Supporting your consumer and industrial application
  • We can provide products supporting highest quality requirements lasting a product lifecycle long, as well as products targeting for cost optimized solutions

Questions that might be answered in this webinar

  • How can you support to achieve the global 1.5°C warming limitation target?
  • Ever thought about taking advantage of brushless vs. brushed motor commutation in your application (taking advantage of higher motor efficiency and longevity)?
  • Can you provide different optimized solution for motor commutation application – e.g. block – vs. sinusoidal commutation?
  • How can I improve the robustness and lifetime of my human machine interface – such as joysticks or multi-level rocker switches?
  • Infineon is well established in the ATV market – do you also provide more cost effective solutions?

About the speakers

mann headshot

Jürgen Mann

Senior Manager Product Marketing

  • Holding an engineering degree as well as an MBA
  • > 15 years of experience in the field of product marketing in magnetic sensors
  • Trainer for Infineon internal marketing trainings for 10 years
li headshot

Ashley Li

Senior Manager Product Marketing

  • Extensive experience in product marketing
    • For magnetic sensors
    • Specializing in Hall and 3D sensors