“tech for” event in Shanghai – 20 March 2024

From grey to green: tech for sustainable megacities

The United Nations (UN) says that cities represent the future of living. Over half of the world’s population is located in urban areas with an upwards trend toward 70% by 2050. They take up only 3% of the land on earth, but account for 60% to 80% of energy consumption and over 70% of carbon emissions. Therefore, in tackling global warming, the decarbonization of cities is key. On 20 March 2024, at our “tech for” event in Shanghai, we focused on the question: How can technology enable sustainable megacities?

Watch the recording of our “tech for” panel discussion with leading experts from industry, technical science and innovation – right from the very top of the sustainable and world’s third tallest building, the Shanghai Tower. Learn more about how we can turn cities from grey to green with innovative technology, enabled by green, smart and secure semiconductor solutions: for buildings and mobility, urban planning and living.



20 March is also the day of Spring Equinox: A time to think about nature, new beginnings and innovation

The Spring Equinox is known as “春分” (Chūnfēn), one of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar. It is the moment when day and night are of approximately equal length, also a time symbolizing balance and harmony, reflecting the ancient Chinese philosophy of "Yin Yang". The Spring Equinox also stands for new beginnings and renewal, similar to nature's awakening from hibernation, which is consistent with the broader themes of rejuvenation and sustainable growth in traditional Chinese culture.

Watch the full panel discussion of tech for a sustainable future Shanghai

Meet our panelists

Prof. Zhiqiang Wu
Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Member of German Academy of Science and Engineering, Member of Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science, Chairman of World Urban Planning Education Network

Prof. Zhiqiang WU is the Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Member of German Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech), Member of Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science. He is Chief Planner of World EXPO Shanghai 2010, urban design concept for the sub-center of Tongzhou in Beijing and Qingdao World Horticultural Exhibition 2014. He also serves as Consultant to the People's Government of Shanghai Municipality.

Renowned urban and rural planning scientist Wu Zhiqiang is an academician who teaches engineering innovation and is a pioneer in both engineering practice and theory related to urban and rural planning in China. His dedication to advancing the theoretical methods of urban planning, his constant development of methods based on big data and artificial intelligence, and his establishment of the planning theoretical concept of "ecological rationality" has kept him at the forefront of urban planning engineering practice for a long time. In some significant urban planning engineering applications, remarkable outcomes have been achieved.

Dr. Jiannan Zhu
Founder and CEO of Orcauboat

Dr. Jiannan Zhu is the founder and CEO of Orcauboat. He dedicates himself to researching and implementing surface unmanned driving technology to advance the development and practical application of intelligent boats. Under his leadership, Orcauboat has developed the world's first standardized production of three series of products: unmanned environmental protection boats, intelligent leisure boats, and smart boat system solutions.

Driven by the mission of “Solving aquatic environmental issues with technology”, Dr. Zhu emphasizes the pivotal role of science and technology in environmental protection through continuous innovation. He addresses challenges such as water pollution by creating unmanned environmental protection boats and then developing new energy intelligent unmanned leisure boats. His efforts contribute to the green and intelligent development of the economic value of waters, prioritizing cleanliness before enhancing enjoyment.

In 2023, Dr. Zhu was invited to the United Nations Economic and Social Council Youth Forum as a Chinese youth representative to share his insights and practices on water conservation through unmanned vessels that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Dr. Frances Du
Founding Partner of J Ventures

Dr. Frances Du is the founding partner of J Ventures, overseeing investments in technology-driven startups. J Ventures is an early  technology venture firm, also work with many global Fortune 500 companies and China leading companies on their open innovation strategy to incubate and accelerate startups business value creation.

Before founding J Ventures, Dr. Frances Du was the head of Microsoft Ventures in Greater China Region. Before Microsoft Ventures, she was the founding partners of GRC Sinogreen Fund, overseeing investments in IT, Greentech areas in Greater China Region.

Dr. Frances Du is also a veteran entrepreneur. She co-founded the financial data company - JL McGregor & Company in 2005. She also worked at Intel China and ABB China for various investment and corporate finance roles.

Dr. Frances Du is the author and translator of couple bestselling business books covers the topic of venture investing and startup management, including “Ways to Venture Financing”, “Think Like an Entrepreneur” and “CEO”. From 2009 to 2010, she also opened a popular “PE Watch” column at wsj.com.

Andreas Urschitz
Member of the Management Board and CMO,
Infineon Technologies

Andreas Urschitz, CMO at Infineon Technologies, has been with the company for 27 years and has always driven technological solutions to shape the decarbonization and digitalization of the world. Infineon's energy efficiency technologies enable energy savings along the electrical conversion chain, from green energy generation to lossless transmission and less consumption. He has always had the firm conviction that technical development should not be an end in itself, but should make life better, protect the future of humanity and even make the world safer and more livable. Andreas grew up on a farm and learned early on how important it is to make sustainable choices.