XENSIV™ Sleep Quality Service

A fully integrated hardware and software solution for OEMs to help improve people’s sleep.

Infineon’s XENSIV™ Sleep Quality Service (SQS) offers a contactless, privacy-centric sleep quality solution that can be easily and quickly integrated into OEM end devices such as a bedside lamps, televisions, smart speakers or air purifiers.

Leveraging Infineon’s XENSIV™ 60GHz Radar, PSoC™ and Wi-Fi technologies, the XENSIV™ Sleep Quality Service is designed to measure and help optimize the user’s sleep based on individual needs. The XENSIV™ Sleep Quality Service enables OEMs to bring their sleep quality enabled end devices to market in less than a third of normally required time and focus on functionality that leverages their ecosystem to improve users’ quality of life.

Science shows that lack of healthy sleep can result in significant health risks such as depression and heart diseases. Furthermore, research suggests that fatigue from insufficient sleep results in a loss of $411 billion per year to the United States economy, while drowsy driving is a likely factor in up to 16.5% of fatal motor vehicle crashes. Improving sleep quality and monitoring sleep performance is one of the best ways of enhancing health, decreasing the risk of drowsy driving and boosting learning abilities.

Infineon’s XENSIV™ Sleep Quality Service automatically recognizes and adapts to a person’s natural sleep rhythm to help improve their sleep quality and provide the information necessary for intelligent management of, for example, adaptive lighting, heating, cooling and air quality.

OEMs can rapidly adopt XENSIV™ Sleep Quality Service by integrating the required hardware components into their end device and integrating the XENSIV™ Sleep Quality Service cloud solution into their web infrastructure and mobile application. OEMs ship the end product directly to end users and retain full ownership of the customer relationship and data. Onboarding is fast and straightforward for end users and once completed, they can check all information related to their sleeping behavior via the OEM.

Key benefits

  • Rapid deployment: Integrate our services to your devices and launch your sleep product in less than a year
  • Significant savings: Save millions in development and operational costs
  • Scalable solutions: Adapt and grow with dynamic market demands
  • Competitive edge: Stay ahead of your competition by continuously integrating new features to your portfolio

Key features

  • Presence detection: Self-activating sleep analysis when human presence is detected.
  • Sleep metrics: Total sleep time, sleep efficiency, time to sleep, no. of awakes, sleep start time, sleep finish time.
  • Sleep stages: Detect and monitor 3 sleep stages: Awake, REM, NREM
  • Respiratory factor: Detects breathing events by analyzing relative changes in breathing intensity.


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