PROFET™+2 12V Grade0: High-side switches with an extended junction temperature up to 175°C

PROFET™+2 12V is the new generation of smart high-side switches for automotive and industrial applications based on SMART7 technology. The family provides outstanding energy efficiency with reduced current consumption, state of the art current sense accuracy (kILIS), benchmark low cranking voltage capability and faster switching/slew rate with no impact on EMC. The whole portfolio is qualified for automotive applications according to AEC-Q100 Grade1 and AEC-Q100 Grade0.

PROFET 2 12V applications

PROFET™+2 12V Grade0 portfolio consists of six different high-side switches (from 4mOhm to 80 mOhm) and offers an extended junction temperature up to 175°C. State-of-the-art protection and diagnosis features, as well as the PG-TSDSO-14 exposed pad package are the same for PROFET™+2 12V Grade0 and Grade1 devices.

PROFET™+2 12V Grade0 offers a unique feature set:

  • Extended thermal budget enables partitioning of higher ohmic parts at higher PCB temperature
  • Additional qualification offers extended lifetime of PROFET™+2 12V Grade0 at elevated temperature and can fulfill the requirements of extended mission profiles
  • Diagnosis concept is tailored to address power distribution applications thanks to the high current sense accuracy (kILIS)
  • Family approach within PROFET™+2 12V Grade1 and Grade0 enables high design flexibility on the reduced PCB area with low power losses and high accuracy

The qualification AEC-Q100 Grade0 makes the PROFET™+2 12V portfolio the perfect fit for applications with extended or/and high temperature mission profiles, such as under the hood, powertrain and transmission applications.

PROFET™+2 12V Grade0 enables the partitioning of higher ohmic parts at high ambient temperature

PROFET™+2 12V Grade0 product portfolio:


 Products  EES ES QS Productive
BTS7040-1EPZ Available Available Available Available
BTS7080-2EPZ Available Available Available Available
BTS7008-1EPZ Available Available Available Available
BTS7006-1EPZ Available Available Available Available
BTS7008-2EPZ Available Available Available Available
BTS7004-1EPZ Available Available Available Available

To enable the design-in support and to provide a first costumer experience, PROFET™+2 12V Grade0 demoboards are also available.