Infineon grants you EXCLUSIVE ACCESS

At Infineon we strive to hire the best application engineers who use the most innovative technologies to
develop products and boards of superior quality for you, our valued customer. Since hardware is only half
of the story, they also work on well elaborated and detailed technical documentation, as well as software
and tools that ensure you will be able to apply instantly what you bought from Infineon – making the
most out of it, being faster in the market, increasing competitiveness.

Be part of it – Start benefiting now and stay informed!

When receiving your order you are only three steps away from unlocking what our application engineers
prepared for you - the new owner of a very specific Infineon evaluation board, reference design or demo kit.*

This is what we call EXCLUSIVE ACCESS:

  • high quality, most up to date board-related technical materials (BOM, design files, block diagrams, schematics, and more) - complete, reproducible, and not available elsewhere
  • 24/7 self-service platform, usable worldwide via all connected devices
  • e-mail alerts keep customers informed about their registered board(s)

*Please note: in the near future, Infineon intends to stop delivering USB sticks with technical data and software along with the ordered boards. The “EXCLUSIVE ACCESS” online download service is the equivalent replacement with additional beneficial functionalities.