OPTIGA™ Connect Consumer OC1120 – Samples and support

Available packages

For engineering purposes, the following packages are available:

Package 4FF/2FF/1FF card VQFN-8 (MFF2)  XFWLB-25
Purpose Engineering samples only  

Engineering and volume production samples  Engineering and volume production samples

Image  Optiga Connect Consumer OC1120 Card  VQFN-8-5 perspective  OPTIGA Connect Consumer OC1120_Combi
Thickness  -  max. 900 µm  ~400 µm
Dimensions  4FF/2FF/1FF  ~6.0 x 5.0 mm²  ~2.93 x 2.55 mm2
Remark  Included in sample kit  Included in sample kit On request 



Available configurations

For engineering purposes, we offer all above packages with the following configurations:

  • GSMA SGP.26 test configuration
    • Purpose: Download test profile from Infineon test SM-DP+ profile server or common test benches and test profile
  • GSMA live configuration
    • Purpose: Testing of general device connectivity with live MNO profiles

Support material

Extending along the design-in process, Infineon offers the following support material to enable seamless integration of the OPTIGA™ Connect Consumer eSIM solution into your device.


The OPTIGATM Connect Consumer datasheet gives you an overview of the features and characteristics of the product.

OPTIGA™ Connect Consumer Datasheet


The OPTIGATM Connect Consumer “Getting started guide” gives you an introduction to the eSIM consumer ecosystem and shows you how to use the eSIM communication interfaces for easy integration into your device.

OPTIGA™ Connect Consumer getting started guide

Support services

Infineon test SM-DP+ profile server

  • Description:
    • Infineon offers a test SM-DP+ profile server using the GSMA SGP.26 test certificates so you can easily test your first profile download and get familiar with the eSIM profile download concept.
  • Create your own individual activation code in the Infineon Developer Center