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Solving the challenges in xEV power conversion

Solving the challenges in xEV power conversion

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Join our 1st webinar out of 2-part series (for 2nd webinar scroll down). Our experts will cover a range of topics related to on-board charging (OBC) and DCDC applications, including the need for different power classes, the bi-directionality of OBC vs independent V2L converters, power density increase through X-in-1 integration, high availability of DCDC converters for powering E/E architecture, and optimized manufacturability. We will also discuss the impact of these trends on the selection of topologies and corresponding power semiconductors, with a particular emphasis on the adoption of wide-bandgap (WBG) devices and choosing the right voltage classes.

Key takeaways:

  • Overview of disruptive changes in the xEV power conversion: We will give an overview of the latest trends shaping the industry, including the move towards higher voltage systems and the increasing demand for compact and lightweight designs.
  • Selection of the right power semiconductor technology as well as package is the key enabler for future OBC & DCDC trends: We will discuss how the right choice of power semiconductor technology and package can enable future trends in OBC and DCDC applications.
  • Price/performance comparison among Si, SiC, and GaN: We will compare the performance and cost of different power semiconductor technologies, including Silicon (Si), Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN), to help you identify the best fit for your system.
  • Demonstrators that exemplify the trends: Finally, we will showcase some demonstrators co-developed by Infineon Technologies with external partners that illustrate the key trends we have discussed

Webinar Slides and Q&As – Download here

2nd webinar of 2-part series


Daniel Makus, Application Director XEV power conversion (OBC, HV DCDC)

Application and Business Development Director for xEV power conversion including OBC and DCDC applications. Responsible for market research, roadmap development and G2M strategy in xEV applications with a focus on power conversion.

Rafael Garcia, System Architect for OBC and DCDC applications

System Architect for on-board chargers and DCDC applications for electric vehicles. He focuses on the impact of the major trends in the selection of the different semiconductor technologies. Rafael also works on identifying the key drivers that will lead the next generation of products, thus accelerating the decarbonization of the application.