OktoberTech™ Asia Pacific 2022
Driving Decarbonization and Digitalization.

13 October 2022

OktoberTech™ Asia Pacific 2022 – Decarbonization & Digitalization


The key to create a sustainable future is leveraging on the potential of digitalization while continuously reducing Infineon’s carbon footprint.

Join us at the conference of the year: OktoberTechTM Asia Pacific 2022 on 13 October 2022

Learn through our keynotes, panel discussions, Tech talks, and live-streams to understand how the economies and the markets we are in are undergoing a transformation driven by the trends of decarbonization and digitalization. Identify Infineon with these trends and see how we innovate with our key partners and customers for future sustainability. Better yet, engage and network with the experts to stay connected to the digital world and focused on working towards Infineon’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

Welcome to OktoberTech™ 2022