OktoberTech™ event series 2024/2025

Infineon’s collaboration technology forum

Explore the world of OktoberTech™, the exclusive event series hosted by Infineon. Dedicated to our customers and partners, the OktoberTech™ event series features inspiring keynote speeches, executive TechTalks, and innovative product demonstrations, while connecting decision-makers from across fields to
accelerate progress.

This collaborative approach to advancing technology makes OktoberTech™ a key component of our commitment to driving decarbonization and digitalization. Together.

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What you can expect from OktoberTech™ event series

The OktoberTech™ event series is more than just a customer event - it is designed to bring your business to the next level

Gain industry insights

Learn about key trends that are shaping the industry's future from executives and visionaries during keynotes and TechTalks

Discover breakthrough technology

Be the first to experience product launches and discover best-in-class solutions and cutting-edge technology that enable decarbonization and digitalization

Strengthen collaboration

Network with Infineon customers and key partners, fostering meaningful connections and collaborative opportunities at an executive level

What else you need to know

Highlights from past events

The 2023 OktoberTech™ series covered a wide range of sessions, workshops, and keynotes delivered by industry experts. On our digital event platform you can watch the content on demand from:

OktoberTech™ America - digital platform
OktoberTech™ Japan - digital platform
OktoberTech™ Asia Pacific - digital platform
OktoberTech™ Greater China - digital platform

OktoberTech™ over the years

In the summer of 2017, Infineon’s Silicon Valley Innovation Center hosted the first-ever OktoberTech™, which has since grown into a global event series. Singapore then introduced the first OktoberTech™ networking platform in the Asia-Pacific region,
with subsequent events in Japan 2021 and
Shanghai 2022.

What’s in a name?

True to Infineon’s German roots specifically, and Germany’s spirit of engineering and innovation in general, OktoberTech™ also coincides with the Oktoberfest in Munich. In a subtle nod to this world-renowned Bavarian event, OktoberTech™ reflects the German spelling for October.