OktoberTech™ event series 2023

Infineon’s collaboration technology forum

OktoberTech™ is the annual technology collaboration forum hosted by Infineon. At our industry leading, regional event series, we are bringing together customers, partners and emerging technology leaders to discuss key trends, innovations and best-in-class solutions and products. Because collaboration makes the difference: Jointly accelerating innovation and leading into a sustainable, smart future. Let’s take the driver's seat in the green and digital transformation together.

Connect and collaborate at OktoberTech™:

  • Meet Infineon decision-makers and discuss latest trends and innovations
  • Explore compelling demos of best-in-class solutions, designs and use cases
  • Engage with technical luminaries and experts to discover new ideas 

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Click here to view the event agenda and keynote themes of the regional events

Climate change is advancing quickly. The need to drastically reduce the world's carbon footprint is more urgent than ever. We must act now – to protect our planet and for generations to come.

The future depends on game-changing solutions for green and efficient energy, smart and secure IoT and clean and safe mobility. We are a global leader in power systems and IoT, enabling a better tomorrow.

We must go all-in to enable carbon-neutrality and a digital tomorrow. Never stand still. We must jointly take new ways, because collaboration is at the center of innovation.