Discover our NFC energy-harvesting technology

Webinar on demand

Join us for an in-depth exploration of how Infineon's NFC tag-side-controller product family reshapes the landscape of passive locks and sensing applications. Gain insights into the proprietary NFC protocol, security features, as well as the functionalities and capabilities of the available ROM, RAM, and flash memory. If you work on the development of smart locking solutions or have an in-depth understanding of biomedical signal sensing, this webinar is what you were looking for. 

Key takeaways:

  • Deep understanding of the capabilities and hardware modules of NAC1080 and NGC1081
  • In-depth knowledge of how to achieve completely battery-free applications through optimized energy harvesting
  • Comprehension of how to effectively utilize Infineon's development kits to expedite and streamline the product development process, leading to increased efficiency and accelerated innovation

Be at the forefront of innovation in passive locks and sensing applications!

Webinar Slides and Q&As – Download here


Stathis Zafiriadis | Senior Engineer Technical Marketing

Stathis studied in Greece getting his first Master's degree in Power Engineering, worked 2 years at BMW, and then started his 2nd master's degree in Embedded Systems at the Technical University of Munich. He is currently working in Technical Marketing at Infineon and is an expert for Infineon's smart lock solutions.