Mobile World Congress 2019

At MWC 2019, 25-28 February, you will have an opportunity to experience the diverse and rich ways in which Infineon is connecting the real and the digital world to make our lives easier, safer and greener.

Join the conversation in hall 6 at stand 6C41!

Inspiring mobile business. Connecting the real and the digital world.

Infineon will be presenting the new anytime, anywhere and – more to the point – anything service experience. Cutting-edge hardware-based security from Infineon coupled with over-the-air service enablement is bringing use cases like mobile paymentmobile ticketing and robust authentication to today’s smart wearables. You’ll also discover how smart home innovations and intuitive sensing capabilities are paving the way for more contextually aware, seamless ways of interacting with home automation systems and even robots.

Application areas

Infineon at Mobile World Congress 2019