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Reliable connectivity - The heartbeat of the IoT

The full potential of the IoT can only be leveraged if nodes, clouds, and networks can seamlessly communicate. Wireless technologies like Wi-Fi for wireless local area networks (WLAN), Bluetooth® technology for content streaming, and Bluetooth® Low energy (BLE) technology for ultra-low-power connectivity may be the heartbeat of the IoT, but they are not enough.

For the IoT to really work, wireless technologies also have to be reliable. In this world of connected experiences, excellent reception quality and fast, stable connections are a must – at all times and places.

Building the IoT backbone with AIROC™

Our expansive > AIROC™ portfolio of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® products includes a broad family of secure, robust solutions that enable designers to bring great products to market faster. Also available as Bluetooth® combos, our AIROC™ Wi-Fi products are successfully deployed across the IoT for diverse applications in the consumer, commercial, industrial, and automotive spaces.

Data-driven approach to making connectivity products even better

Another key lever in the drive to deliver reliable connectivity, security, and ease of use is data. At Infineon, we work closely with our customers to enhance all three of these dimensions.

Building on the synergized strengths of Infineon and the former Cypress, we have evolved into a true IoT company. Which means we complement our broad product offering with Software as a Service and IoT analytics. > Cirrent Product Analytics, for instance, helps companies build products that are easier to use, more reliable, more secure, and more intelligent. It collects and aggregates huge volumes of anonymized data to give our customers new insights into how their products are working in the field. These network analytics are enabling customers to make better decisions and enhance the connectivity performance of their products for a better user experience and higher customer success rates.

Integrated, interoperable IoT offerings

As the digital transformation paves the way for new IoT devices, service models, and business models, many companies find themselves facing new design challenges as they integrate new functions into their offering. Specialist players may be experts in their respective product, device, service, or app – but they often lack hardware-based security and connectivity know-how. They need one-stop solutions bundling interoperable, easy-to-deploy building blocks covering the full IoT functional spectrum from sensing and connectivity to actuation and security.

That is where we come into the picture. We understand IoT applications and bring together the essential building blocks needed to successfully develop IoT products and services. As an IoT company – rather than a provider of IoT components – we thus give our customers everything they need to succeed so they can concentrate solely on the innovation process. This is best exemplified by our > ModusToolbox™ software and tools. This proven platform gives developers a major advantage by presenting them with an extensive ecosystem that includes all the tools they could possibly need. It covers the full IoT functional spectrum from sensing and connecting to computing and securing – with interoperability and ease of integration designed in from the ground up.

Antenna tuning and 5G for seamless connectivity

To enable seamless connectivity, devices need to support a long and growing number of > wireless technologies including 4G/5G, Bluetooth®, Low energy (BLE), Wi-Fi, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), global positioning system (GPS), and ultra-wideband (UWB). This means the number of antennas is increasing – as is the need to support a larger number of frequency bands and features in a constrained size, possibly compromising antenna performance.

> Antenna tuning has the potential to resolve this challenge, boosting antenna efficiency for the highest data rates, excellent signal quality, and longer battery lives. Building on our deep-rooted > RF expertise and wide-ranging competence in this area, coupled with a rich and unique IP portfolio, our comprehensive > antenna tuner portfolio provides the broadest selection of smallest, ready-to-use components to maximize antenna radiation efficiency, also reducing the number of antennas required for greater design flexibility and faster time-to-market.

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