Advance your product with MEMS microphones of a new performance class

In recent years, audio interfaces changed the way we interact with technology, and with it, the importance of voice-controlled functionality in a variety of devices rises. Thus, the requirements for the next generation products are expanding and product managers seek innovation and solutions to get products on the market that hear better, sound better, are most-likely portable, and overall reach more intuitively to user needs.

Your product needs reliable sensitive microphones that suit your system

For a voice system to work well, good raw data from the microphone must be fed to the voice processing algorithms running on the main system. Infineon helps you to integrate fast and easy into your product so that you will get it to market quickly and have exceptional quality. XENSIV™ MEMS microphones represent a new benchmark in performance, and current audio chain limitations can be overcome.

If you want to integrate a voice user interface (VUI) into a product that previously lacked an audio interface or implement an appliance design e.g. in smart speakers, and home appliances, you know it is not without roadblocks. Infineon helps you at the start of your concept and during your development process to engineer a successful digital audio assistant design with devices such as our XENSIV™ MEMS microphones.

Your system benefits and competitive functionalities

Discover leading-edge audio input for VUI and exceptional system benefits

Depending on the precise use case, highly sensitive XENSIV™ MEMS microphones enable functionalities such as

Whisper mode: 
Even softly spoken or whispered voice commands are picked up in more cases in systems with the Infineon mic. This improves user convenience and maximizes interaction.

Multi-room and distance scenarios: 
As users become more at ease with voice technology, they expect more of their devices and seek natural interaction from across the room or in a different room.

Regular voice: 
For devices with voice control to add significant convenience to everyday life, the technology must live up to its promise. Infineon mics lay a solid foundation for a great voice user experience.

Make your product stand out!

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