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PCIM Technologies Technologies

Infineon’s cutting edge innovations for power density, efficiency & lifetime combining EiceDRIVER™ SRC, SiC and 1200V / 1700V IGBT 5/.XT.

PCIM Drives Drives

Best in class Thermal Interface Material (TIM) for Low Power Econo, Medium Power Modules and PrimePACK™. New EconoDUAL™ 3 (FF600R12ME4C_B11) with softer diode available. PrimePack™ (FF1400R17IP4), Highest Power density and best in class life time 5kW Evaluation Board TO-Leadless: The 5kW Evaluation Board represents Infineon’s solution for an inverter stage of high power motor control applications such as forklift or low speed cars with an input voltage of 48VDC. This reference design is showing the performance of Infineon's Power MOSFET Family OptiMOS™ in the new TO-Leadless package in terms of parallelization and thermal behavior.

PCIM Transportation Transportation

Adressing customer requirements to energy efficiency, lifetime and reliability with continuous products upgrades, like enhanced IHM-B AlSiC Modules e.g. FZ2400R17HP4_B28 / FZ1600R17HP4_B21 : Very low effort on requalification and life time extension up to 1000%

PCIM Wind Energy Wind Energy

High Power Density with Infineon ModSTACK™ HD1 in full bridge configuration. Additional features liquid cooling version, compact design, capacitor box included, usage of Infineon IGBT modules with IGBT driver. Best in class EconoPACK™ + D-Series FS500R17OE4D with stronger free wheeling diode.

PCIM Solar Energy Solar Energy

TRENCHSTOP™ 5 for a higher switching frequency without impacting system efficiency.
SiCJfet Module the best partner for your Storage Inverter.
NPC2 Modules dedicated for Solar to decrease the system cost of your Central Inverter.

PCIM PowerSupplies Power Supplies

CoolMOS™ in ThinPAK 5x6: The new leadless SMD package specially designed for High Voltage MOSFETs.

Major home appliance Major Home Appliances

IGBT RC-H5: Next Generation Reverse Conducting IGBT Higher Efficiency and Better Reliability

ECI Automotive

Infineon’s product highlights for eMobility: Live demo of the optimized driver solutions EiceDRIVER™ SIL and EiceDRIVER™ Boost and premiere of the Next HybridPACK™ Module Generation comprising very compact B6 IGBT Modules targeting full, plug-in and mild hybrid vehicles.

Speaker Slots

PCIM Conference

Monday, 19.05.2014
Arvena Park Hotel,
Gürlitzer Str. 51,
90473 Nuremberg
  • Tutorial 6:
    Advanced Design with MOSFET and
    IGBT Power Modules
    Speakers: Thomas Basler
Tuesday, 20.05.2014
Room München 1
  • Special Session "HVDC":
    12.00 pm New 4.5 kV IGBT and Diode Chip Set for HVDC Transmission Applications
    Speakers: J. G. Bauer, M. Wissen, T. Gutt, F. Pfirsch, J. Biermann, C. Schäffer, G. Schmidt
Tuesday, 20.05.2014
Room München 1
  • IGBT Improvement:
    2.00 pm Next generation 1700V IGBT and Emitter Controlled Diode with .XT Technology
    Speakers: A. Stegner, T. Auer, A. Ciliox
Tuesday, 20.05.2014
Room Athen
  • Drives for Power Converters:
    12.30 pm Real-Time Adjustable Gate Current Contril IC solves dv/dt problems in Electric Drives
    Speakers: W. Frank, A. Arens, S. Hörold
Tuesday, 20.05.2014
Foyer Ground Floor
  • Poster Dialogue Session:
    3.30 - 5.00 pm PP03 System Benefits for Solar Inverters using SiC Semiconductor Modules
    Speakers: U. Schwarzer, S. Buschhorn, K. Vogel

    3.30 - 5.00 pm PP20 Switching characteristics of modern 6.5kV IGBT/Diode
    Speakers: D. Heer, A. Khair Bayoumi

    3.30 - 5.00 pm PP25 Design Considerations to Increase Power Density in Welding Machines Converters Using TRENCHSTOP™ 5 IGBTs
    Speakers: F. Brucchi, F. Zheng

    3.30 - 5.00 pm PP64 1ED Compact – A new high performance, cost efficient, high voltage gate driver IC family
    Speaker: H. Rettinger

    3.30 - 5.00 pm PP70 The Challenge of Accurately Analyzing Thermal Resistances
    Speakers: N. Kerstin, Dr. M. Schulz
Wednesday, 21.05.2014
Room Mailand
  • High Efficiency Converter:
    2.30 pm Improving Efficiency in AC drives: Comparison of Topologies and Device Technologies
    Speakers: K. Vogel, A. Jose Rossa
Thursday, 22.05.2014
Room Brüssel 1
  • Module Technologies II:
    10.30 am Impact of Module Parasitics on the Performance of Fast-Switching Devices
    Speakers: C. Müller, S. Buschhorn
Thursday, 22.05.2014
Room München 1
  • "Designing Packages for Fast Switching":
    10.30 am SiC-JFET in Half-bridge Configuration – Parasitic Turn-on at Current Commutation
    Speakers: D. Heer, R. Bayerer, D. Domes
Thursday, 22.05.2014
Room Brüssel 1
  • Reliability:
    2.30 pm Comparison Between Active and Passive Thermal Cycling Stress with Respect to Substrate Solder Reliability in IGBT Modules with Cu Baseplates
    Speakers: M. Schäfer, O. Schilling, C. Yue, T. Kashko
Thursday, 22.05.2014
Room Mailand
  • High Efficiency Converters II:
    3.30 pm Saving money: SiC in UPS Applications
    Speakers: S. Buschhorn, K. Vogel

Exhibitor Forum

Tuesday, 20.05.2014
Hall 9/Booth 461
  • System solutions for SMPS
    12.20 - 12.40 pm
    Speaker: Francesco Di Domenico
Wednesday, 21.05.2014
Hall 9/Booth 461
  • Slew Rate Control-Moving the EMC to losses trade off on the fly
    2.00 - 2.20 pm
    Speaker: Oliver Hellmund

Industry Forum

Tuesday, 20.05.2014
Hall 6 / Booth 340
  • Power semiconductors in energy efficient smart grid installations
    2.00 - 3.30 pm
    Speaker: Dr. Martin Schulz
Wedneysday, 21.05.2014
Hall 6 / Booth 340
  • Panel Discussion "Mature Wide Band Gap Semiconductors"
    2.00 - 2.20 pm
    Industry experts will share important details of application critical subjects using SiC and GaN devices in new design
    Speaker: Dr. Peter Friedrich

Take a look into the future of what‘s coming up for high power Applications/Systems.

If you spot this cube at our stand, examine it very closely! It will give you a view of the future.

We have called this cube “the answer” because it contains information that will be useful for your application. Watch the presentation and speak to us about your expectations regarding the future success of your products

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Visitors to our stand at the PCIM Europe 2014 event will be able to put questions to our HR experts from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on May 20-22, 2014. You will learn all about the opportunities we can offer to fulfil your personal career development goals.

The reasons our company is unique:
At Infineon, you will encounter interesting challenges in a highly complex technological environment every day –boredom will definitely not be an issue! Not only will your working day be filled with involving and varied tasks, you will also be joining an open and multicultural work environment with colleagues from over 90 countries. A flat hierarchy and a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary project work, which will occasionally take you to different locations and countries, will give you all the opportunity you need to make the most of your skills. On top of this, we offer an extensive further training program, attractive remuneration and a work environment that favors a good work-life balance as well as personal freedom and responsibility. The many awards and certificates we have received over the years, including those recognizing family-friendly workplaces (Work and Family Audit since 2010) or good healthcare management (Corporate Health Award 2013) speak for themselves. But best of all, by joining us you will play an active role in making the world more energy efficient. Our innovative semiconductor and system solutions are helping to build a more sustainable future.

The first steps to a career with us:

Vocational training, work/study program, work experience, student traineeship, thesis assignment, trainee program, direct employment in the following areas: research & development, processing/production, product marketing & sales, corporate functions (finance, procurement, supply chain management, HR, investor relations, communication, strategy, IT)

Career prospects:

Taking charge with a career in management
This is the right choice for people who enjoy playing a leadership role and who would like to actively shape the strategy of our company. We provide our employees with the support they need to develop their leadership and managerial skills, giving them responsibility as line or project managers in the dynamic and international field in which Infineon operates.

The ideal path for high-tech specialists
Certain team members will prefer to specialize in a particular technical field or in one of the corporate functions. Infineon’s technical ladder is a career path that is tailored to provide you with the requisite skills to become a top expert in your chosen field. Along the way, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of business and customer needs. This is the key to developing innovative technologies for our core markets of energy efficiency, mobility and security.

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