Infineon Lighting Shoe in collaboration with adidas

Technology that makes you move!

What has a running shoe got in common with a microchip? Not much, you might think at first glance. Well think again!

In a pioneering move, Infineon has teamed up with adidas to develop an iconic shoe fusing technology with fashion to inspire the wearer to move! Taking the semiconductor “magic” normally hidden inside a smart IoT device, connected car, solar panel or robot, this stylish shoe brings the power of digitalization out into the open for everyone to see and hear.

Based on the adidas Originals NMD S1 shoe, this world-first prototype lights up to the rhythm of a music beat with a variety of programmable color effects. Thanks to XENSIV™ sensors, this shoe can literally “hear”. The Originals NMD S1 was the ideal model for this joint development project, offering the perfect shape for sensitive, high-quality electronic components without compromising wearer comfort. Use of recycled materials and a circular lifecycle also resonate with Infineon’s mission to drive decarbonization.

Watch the video to see how the Infineon Lighting Shoe reacts to music with lighting effects!

Iconic technology that makes you move, based on first class product technologies from Infineon

Thanks to the high-quality XENSIV™ MEMS microphones, the shoe can hear the finest acoustic signals. An integrated PSoC™ microcontroller processes the audio input. The EZ-PD™ Barrel Connector Replacement (BCR) solution allows the shoe to be charged using USB-C Power Delivery (PD) in combination with high-efficiency OptiMOS™ power MOSFETs. The adidas originals NMD S1 offers the perfect fit and enough space to place the highly sensitive technology components inside without compromising comfort.

Get the inside story how a sneaker became contextually aware

This behind the scenes video summarizes how this unique and iconic shoe came to reality. The team of Adidas and Infineon colleagues reflects on why they have done it, how they have jointly realized it and with what Infineon components they have built in the Lighting Shoe for contextual awareness and  a unique light show. A great example of commitment, partnership and innovation. Enjoy watching.


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