How to increase power density and robustness through isolated gate driving solutions

Galvanic isolation is a crucial element during each design of an SMPS. The classical isolated gate driving solution is the pulse transformer. However, it can no longer fulfill the requirements of SiC MOSFET, GaN HEMT, or state-of-the-art SJ MOSFET technologies.

Using isolated gate driver ICs instead, next-generation SMPS designs can benefit from increased efficiency, power density, and robustness while reducing system cost!

In this application note the following gate driving solutions are discussed:

  • Pulse transformer
  • Dual-channel isolated gate-driver IC
  • Digital isolator and a dual-channel isolated gate driver IC
  • Two single-channel isolated gate driver ICs
  • Single-channel isolated gate driver ICs and the TDI non-isolated gate driver IC
  • Dual-channel isolated driver IC and the TDI non-isolated gate-driver IC

Download this application note and find the right driving solution for your Si, SiC or GaN based design!