Integrity Guard digital security technology
Integrity Guard bundles several highly sophisticated digital security mechanisms that combine to cover a broad spectrum of potential attacks.

Integrity Guard – the revolutionary digital security technology from Infineon inspired by nature

A security chip must be able to store security-critical data – for example keys, personal data and biometric information – and to protect the system across the entire product lifetime, regardless of the application.

Integrity Guard was inspired by the information storage and processing capabilities of living cells with their double helix. Every human cell must be able to safely store and process genetic information. So Infineon engineers decided to adapt one of nature’s most successful blueprints to design the Integrity Guard security technology.

The resulting digital security concept is unique and marks a revolutionary innovation: The data is not only stored in encrypted form (on the security controller) but also processed in encrypted form within the core. At the heart of this design is a self-contained and self-checking system of two CPUs working like the strings of a DNA double helix in a cell.


Self-checking system with twin CPUs

A self-contained and self-checking system of two CPUs works like the strings of a DNA double helix in a cell. The application code in encrypted form is checked and transferred to the mirrored CPU.

Encrypted and self-checking code

Machine commands from the two CPUs form the program code. Commands and data from the memory modules are combined in the CPUs to process the input data and yield the desired output.

No plain data stored on the chip

Reverse engineering and attacks like physical or side channel analysis will only reveal encrypted data, which is useless to an attacker. Integrity Guard is the market’s first and only security technology to utilize hardware-encrypted processing in the CPU itself.

Future-proof security successfully deployed in the market for many years now