Create. Skillsharing course - LaTeX basics

Wednesday, 31 March 2021, 16:00

Together with Prof. Auzinger from the institute of computer mathematics at TU Wien this course will be held for everyone who wants to learn the basics of LaTeX or to improve them. Furthermore, Markus Sievers (PhD student at Infineon) gives an overview on how to put your LaTex knowledge into practice in the technical field.

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What is LaTeX?

The word processing software LaTeX has been established as a universal standard for many years, especially when it comes to mathematical content (formulary), and it offers significant advantages in this context compared to conventional word processing software.

There are also many freely available extensions (packages), which is naturally not essential for the start at first.


  • The software and many associated tools are freely available.
  • Perfect and flexible mathematical formulas.
  • LaTeX is not 'wysiwyg', but this is irrelevant and even advantageous on today's computers. The translation of the LaTeX code (a text file) into finished (typically) pdf format is prompt. One can compare one's own source code and the result (pdf) and react accordingly.
  • The integration of graphics, etc., is very easy.
  • Individual adaptation, e.g. concerning notational abbreviations (macros) etc., is possible without any problems.

Potential disadvantages:

  • LaTeX is essentially a programming language and takes some getting used to, but with a simple structure that is relatively easy to master after familiarization (so this is not really a disadvantage).
  • The conversion of the source code into pdf is done by a compiler (translator), where formal syntax errors are detected and reported. As with many other translation programs, the cause of some error messages is not always immediately apparent. This requires a disciplined approach. However, experience shows that this is still better compared to (e.g.) poorly documented .doc templates with erratic behavior (disadvantage of 'wysiwyg'!).

Skillsharing Course Part 2 - Autumn 2021

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