Predictions and anticipations for GaN in 2024

We are in the midst of an energy transition with a strong need to act now.

To slow down global warming and to secure a future worth living, we need to rethink how we generate, transmit, store and consume energy. The relation between energy, the economy, and the environment has always been complex and dynamic. Many sustainability challenges derive from misalignment between energy demand and efficiency.

Power semiconductors are a key component in tackling these challenges. Infineon's wide-bandgap solutions are enabling energy to be generated and utilized in a more efficient manner. GaN is of particular importance as it is driving transformative changes across several industries including transportation, data centers, solar energy, and consumer and commercial markets.


 2024 predictions in a nutshell

  • Prediction 1: Growing sustainability concerns drive global surge in e-mobility
  • Prediction 2: AI surge of power usage leads to a growing need for energy efficient solutions
  • Prediction 3: Technology breakthroughs will unleash the long-promised potential of solar energy and storage for homes, businesses, and the power grid
  • Prediction 4: The end-user experience will transform across consumer and commercial markets

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