Counterfeit products

An increasing number of counterfeit, recycled, and/or relabeled products are appearing on the semiconductor marketplace. Many of these have markings and labels that resemble those of Infineon, leading customers to believe they are genuine Infineon products.

Infineon is committed to take appropriate measures to protect its customer and other key stakeholders from the impacts caused by counterfeited Infineon products. This includes internal measures, as well as the cooperation with external partners and government agencies combating semiconductor counterfeits.

Despite efforts taken by Infineon, counterfeiting cannot be fully excluded. To mitigate the risk of buying fraudulent Infineon products, we strongly encourage our customer to purchase Infineon parts through Infineon directly or from one of Infineon’s authorized ).

Infineon products purchased outside of Infineon’s authorized sources– including through open-market brokers, independent distributors, or online marketplaces (“gray market”) – may be counterfeit or unreliable.

Counterfeit products are not manufactured, packaged, labeled, stored, shipped, or handled according to Infineon’s standards. Therefore, it can be expected that counterfeit products will not comply with Infineon specified parameters nor Infineon quality and reliability standards.

We explicitly emphasize that Infineon does not warrant any parts purchased through unauthorized channels nor assume any liability for failure of counterfeit products. Additionally, Infineon does not provide any support for parts purchased outside Infineon’s authorized sources.

If you believe you have received counterfeit Infineon products, please contact Infineon’s Service Center ( ) and provide the following information:

  • Part number, quantity purchased, unit cost
  • Name and contact name of the supplier with address, phone, and web/e-mail addresses
  • Digital photos of inner & outer label, inner & outer packaging, and front & back of product
  • Copy of purchase order, invoice, and shipping paper