Time for a new travel experience!
Join Max as he explores the benefits of the CIPURSE™ open standard on his travels around the world

Around the world with CIPURSE™

Max discovers CIPURSE™ case studies

Last year, Max was invited to discover and describe the benefits of the CIPURSE™ open standard for city travel.

This year, we are taking this voyage of discovery to the next level as Max embarks on a world tour. This time, his task is to explore existing case studies, explain how the transportation technology works and see how it is making millions of people’s lives easier and more convenient.

Over the next few months, you can expect news flashes from Max as he visits Munich, São Paulo, Korea, Singapore and many more.


Modern cities are getting smarter

Smart technologies are the obvious answer to today’s urbanization, environmental and population growth challenges. These technologies have the ability to make our cities more liveable and more efficient. Public transportation is one of the key liveability factors in smart cities and this is an increasingly complex undertaking. Nowadays, citizens seek a seamless and convenient mobility experience, extending beyond the obvious bus and train services to include more flexible schemes such as car-sharing and bike rentals. Infrastructure providers need to support all these different transport modes.

Furthermore, transport ticketing schemes are increasingly being merged with other services such as payment, ID, access and loyalty, and users want to conveniently use all these different applications with one single card or  – better still – with a mobile phone or perhaps even a wearable device. This means using the same card (or device) to buy your train ticket, grab a take-away coffee and get into your office building when you arrive.

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