Day 1 - Welcome Day
Dive into the world of marketing with sessions covering Marketing Overviews, Roadmaps, Partners' presentations, and a thrilling 3rd-party demo night!
Day 2 - Product Day
Engage in insightful panel discussions that unveil our latest products, explore their new features, and discover their versatile applications.
Day 3 - System, Safety & Security Day
Take a deep dive into the realm of Safety and Security as it pertains to MC products, gaining invaluable insights.
Day 4 - Hands-on Day
Elevate your expertise through comprehensive training led by regional and global FAE experts, bolstering your competence.
Day 5 - Software Day
Gain an understanding of Infineon Microcontroller software strategy, explore our new licensing model, and delve into the ever-expanding Ecosystem.

Welcome to Infineon's Microcontroller Preferred Design Houses (PDH) and Distribution training 2023

From the 18th to the 22nd of September 2023 at Best Western Premier Bayerischer Hof Miesbach

We are delighted to have you here as we embark on a journey of knowledge and collaboration in the realm of Infineon's microcontroller technology.

The Infineon's Microcontroller Preferred Design Houses and Distribution training 2023 holds a treasure trove of knowledge and experiences for you.

In this Infineon’s microcontroller specialized training, we aim to equip you with the skills, insights, and resources needed to excel in the dynamic world of Infineon microcontrollers.

This occasion is not just about learning; it's also an opportunity to connect with fellow partners and distributors who share our passion for innovation and technology.

Together, we will explore new horizons, forge valuable partnerships, and stay at the forefront of this ever-evolving industry

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teaser image of slide with headline Agenda Day 1 - Welcome

Agenda Day 1 - Welcome

PDH Training - Day 1 - Welcome; Start: 12:00/ End: 22:45l/ Demo Night will start at 19:45

teaser image of slide with headline Agenda Day 2 - Product Day

Agenda Day 2 - Product Day

PDH Training - Day 2 - Product Day; Start: 08:30/ End: 19:00/

teaser image of slide with headline Agenda Day 3 - System Safety and Security Day

Agenda Day 3 - System Safety and Security Day

PDH Training - Day 3 - System Safety and Security; Start: 08:30/ End: 19:00/

teaser image of slide with headline Agenda Day 4 - Hands-on Day

Agenda Day 4 - Hands-on Day

PDH Training - Day 4 - Hands-on Day; Start: 08:30/ End: 18:00/

teaser image of slide with headline Agenda Day 5 - Software - Day

Agenda Day 5 - Software - Day

PDH Training - Day 5 - Software; Start: 08:30/ End: 13:30/

teaser image of slide with headline Full one week Agenda Day

Full one week Agenda Day

full week Agenda ; 18-22 September

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Transfer to Miesbach and back to Campeon / Munich on Sunday & Friday

  • We will not offer a bus transfer from Campeon to Miesbach at the start of the event, as we have different arrival times of participants 
  • Recommendation is to use the public railway system from the Airport to Miesbach railway station.  MVG  or Deutsche Bahn Dowloading the application will make it easier to by tickets.  The second alternative would be for you use the taxi service pont that is located on level 03 in Terminal 2. There, you can find taxi ranks in the departure and arrival areas of Terminal 1 and 2.


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  • The single room rate is 111,00 EUR per night incl. breakfast and taxes and should be settled by the participants directly.
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