New OptiMOS™ 5 40V in S3O8 Package

IFX’s latest generation of Automotive Power MOSFETs

Infineon’s new OptiMOS™ 5 40V product family in S3O8 package combines leading power MOSFET technology with 3.3x3.3mm leadless power package for very compact & robust automotive system solutions.

OptiMOS™ 5 40V S3O8 products are based on Infineon’s latest silicon automotive PowerMOS technology, optimized to meet and exceed the energy efficiency and power density requirements of automotive BLDC and H-bridge applications. In combination with Infineon’s robust S3O8 leadless package technology, it enables very small and efficient systems designs with minimal Rdson down to 2.8 mΩ.

Compared to 40A DPAK solutions, the 40A S3O8 shows a substantial reduction in footprint of 80%. Additional, the 50% reduced height offers a significant advantage in applications where compact design is required.

Moreover low package parasitic inductances result in an improved EMI behavior. Infineon’s S3O8 robust package technology is AEC-Q101 qualified and 100% Green Product (RoHS compliant).

Features, Benefits and Applications


  • Rdson: 2.8 – 8.4 mΩ
  • S3O8 Pack: 3.3x3.3mm
  • Qg: max. 40 nC
  • Optimized: FOM, Ciss, Coss
  • IFX Robust Package Quality


  • High Power Density up to 250W Drives
  • Compact System Design
  • Reduced Driver Costs
  • Soft Switching & Low EMI on System Level
  • High Thermal Robustness


  • Compact BLDC Drives & Brushed DC Drives in Powertrain, Safety and Body Applications


Package Type DS [V] DS(on)max [mΩ]
S3O8 IPZ40N04S5L-2R8 40 2,8
S3O8 IPZ40N04S5-3R1 40 3,1
S3O8 IPZ40N04S5L-4R8 40 4,8
S3O8 IPZ40N04S5-5R4 40 5,4
S3O8 IPZ40N04S5L-7R4 40 7,4
S3O8 IPZ40N04S5-8R4 40 8,4