FIDO multi-factor authentication
Supported by Infineon`s best-fit security for all FIDO authentication form factors

Multi-factor authentication for secured log-ins

In the increasingly connected world users in business and private environments request access to data via different devices – be it PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. But while this ubiquitous availability of data requires an increasing level of security user experience should not be compromised. With multi-factor authentication solutions based on open standards of the FIDO Alliance, internet users can more securely register and log-on to their (online) accounts using a single password combined with a security token.

Using a separate hardware token, users are protected against account hacks and phishing attacks while still enjoying an easy log-in experience. This allows companies who deploy FIDO to strengthen security and improve the user experience while reducing support costs.

As a founding member of the FIDO Alliance and a leading provider of security solutions, Infineon supports these improvements by providing the ideal security ICs for any authenticator. Additionally, Infineon is expanding its FIDO reference designs to include FIDO2 for USB and NFC in a single-chip solution for removable authenticators.


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