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Reimagining Innovation with Secured IoT Solutions

We may be able to connect to the Internet from any device or location – but one thing never changes: Security is key.

To work, the IoT has to be secure, intelligent and easy to use. Infineon’s aim is to create trust in the digital world so that users, enterprises, and organizations can unleash the full potential of the IoT – safe in the knowledge that their personal data, sensitive information, and industrial IP remain safe and unchanged.

IoT security starts with authenticity. Genuine device identities or “identities of things” are crucial to cover all steps and layers in the authentication and communication process as data travels from “things” over networks to backend systems and onwards to other things. Our family of embedded security solutions was developed specifically to meet the pressing need for end-to-end security across all network layers and devices.

AIROC™ bluetooth for audio & IoT applications

Bluetooth solution for every need.

Whether it be a smart portable audio device or connected smart home sensor, Infineon has the ideal AIROC™ Bluetooth hardware and software solution. AIROC™ Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE wireless connectivity enable developers of Audio and IoT applications with an end-end solution across silicon, certified modules, integrated SDK, and well-documented code examples to rapidly increase time-to-market.


High performance, highly integrated Dual-Mode solutions supporting Bluetooth LE 5.1 as well as Basic Rate and Enhanced Data rate such as the CYW20721 and CYW20719 SoCs integrating 1MB Flash / 2MB RAM and copious peripherals.

PSoC™ 6 and PSoC™ 4 Microcontrollers with AIROC™ Bluetooth LE 5.1 connectivity are purpose-built for IoT applications integrating low-power, flexibility via copious analog/digital peripherals, and best-in-class CapSense™ capacitive-sensing.

Cost-optimized CYW20706 Dual-Mode Bluetooth 5.2 SoC for standard, rapid connectivity.

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Simplifying secure IoT device-to-cloud authentication with CIRRENT™ Cloud ID service

Infineon’s CIRRENT™ Cloud ID, a service that automates cloud certificate provisioning and IoT device-to-cloud authentication. The easy-to-use service extends the chain of trust and makes tasks easier and more secure from chip-to-cloud, while lowering companies’ total cost of ownership. Cloud ID is ideal for cloud-connected product companies in the industrial, consumer, healthcare, medical and manufacturing industries. Cloud ID has multiple advantages over traditional approaches. It:

•Simplifies the manufacturing processes, while maintaining the capability to have individual certificates without complex IT systems and processes.

•Provides asymmetric key security that leverages Infineon’s trusted security and the strength of the X.509 certificates without complex infrastructure.

•Automatic provisioning to the cloud. Users can configure a cloud-to-cloud connection and provisioning with a private cloud, public cloud, or AWS IoT Core

•Provides users the ability to monitor, track, and audit registration and provisioning

•Lowers total cost of ownership by replacing NRE and operational costs of an HSM.

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Secured cloud service provisioning – the easy way!

The OPTIGA™ Trust M is a high-end security solution that provides an anchor of trust for connecting IoT devices to the cloud, giving every IoT device its own unique identity. This pre-personalized turnkey solution offers secured, zero-touch onboarding and the high performance needed for quick cloud access.

> OPTIGA™ Trust M offers a wide range of security features, making it ideal for industrial and building automation applications, smart homes and connected consumer devices.

The turnkey set-up with full system integration minimizes design, integration and deployment effort.

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