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Mocana provides the Mocana Security of Things Platform—a high-performance, ultra-optimized, OS-independent, high-assurance security solution for any device class. Mocana works with Infineon on their OPTIGATM TPM 1.2 and 2.0 chips to tie root of trust down to the hardware level. Mocana's TPM support provides the tools to increase security surrounding sensitive information on devices containing a TPM. Our software licensing is subscription based, and can be implemented to interface with the TPM chip to generate hardware or software keys that can only be decrypted by the TPM. Especially when it comes to Industrial Control Systems (ICS), it is hard to manage the Operation Technologies (OT) security systems that are in place. Mocana software was developed and tested to give companies architectural and safety benefits, having unified API- and General Public License (GPL)-free code.

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