About BG Networks Inc.

BG Networks is an IoT cybersecurity company offering BGN-SAT for protection, CRATE for testing, and AI/ML based Intrusion Detection System solution for detection. CRATE, our security testing platform, enables remote pentesting and bug bounty programs. It allows you to start cybersecurity testing earlier in the design process, increasing your ability to find vulnerabilities before your devices are released. Our BGN-SAT Security Automation Tool helps engineers improve security, reduce development time, and take advantage of in-silicon security features that enables hardware root of trust, secure boot, encrypted file system, secure OTA SW updates, and secure device provisioning. AnCyR is the first host-based anomaly detection optimized for automotive ECU and IoT device intrusion detection (IDS). AnCyR’s anomaly detection technology combines statistical, probabilistic, and ML algorithms to accurately detect attacks with best-in-class false positives, latency, and overhead.

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