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Provided Services with AURIX™

AURIX™ series products have been used in ADAS control, AD decision, and control,  industry power control in LEADMOVE.

With different control levels in ADAS products, some AURIX products have been used for different ADAS applications in LEADMOVE, including AURIX™ TC264, AURIX™ TC234, AURIX™ TC212. AUTOSAR or related BSW with communication or gateway is also implemented in AURIX products.

  • L0 level ADAS controls with warning or notices to the driver. For example, FCW, FCW, IHC, TSR are included.
  • L1 to L2 level ADAS controls to control the vehicle in longitudinal and lateral directions. For example, ACC, LKA, AEB, AEB-Pedestrian, and Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) which includes ACC and LCC(Lane Centering Control) are included.

AURIX™ TC297 or AURIX™ TC397 is used in Domain Controller Unit (DCU) for autonomous drive. After receiving dynamic environment, routing, localization-related information from perception and fusion cores, AURIX MCU cores are used to implement vehicle autonomous drive decision, close-loop chassis control algorithm in both lateral and longitudinal direction, reliable vehicle communication, etc.

The LEADMOVE team also have experience in using AURIX™ product like AURIX™ TC277 in some other programs like motor controller for new energy vehicle, etc.