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Silicon Trust

Silicon Trust: Bringing together the companies who power Secure Identification

The Silicon Trust Partner Program creates and raises awareness for the need for hardware-based secured solutions in the the new ‘Digital Society’

  1. Bring together leading players and partners from the public, private & financial sectors with respective decision makers.
  2. Identify the latest identification, multi-application and system-on-card projects, business and technical trends and ensure that Silicon Trust partners are in a position to take advantage of these.
  3. Establish and strengthen relationships of Silicon Trust partners with key decision makers such as governments, financial institutions and transportation companies.
  4. Develop and implement marketing material, educational events, workshops and liaison meetings based at fostering relations with these key decision makers.

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Calypso Networks Association

Calypso Logo
  • Calypso Networks Association (CNA) is a non-profit association created in 2003 by OTLIS-Lisbon, ACTV-Venice, STIB-Brussels, LKRKN-Constance, RATP & SNCF-Paris dedicated to develop and promote Contactless Ticketing Standard Calypso. CNA guarantees the compatibility of all Calypso current and future products, contributes to the international standardization process for NFC Ticketing technologies and is a platform of exchanges for its community of users. CNA’s main missions is to promote Calypso on a global scale, to provide support to its 120 members and to facilitate and harmonize the shared members’ needs and experiences.
  • Calypso is a contactless ticketing standard deployed in more than 25 countries and 150 major cities in the world accessible to any supplier, and used by ticketing systems in many transport networks and parkings around the world for more than 15 years. Further than public transport, Calypso provides multiservice applications for leisure, access control, bike, car sharing…

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OSPT Alliance

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  • The OSPT Alliance is a  global community that enables the future of mobility services across a variety of markets including transport, ticketing, access control and micro-payment.
  • OSPT Alliance works with its members to simplify the integration of multiple mobility services onto a common, non-proprietary, interoperable and secure platform supporting the global creation of standardized, secure, seamless and open mobility services that bring benefits to all stakeholders in the value chain.
  • OSPT Alliance is a member-driven association working to develop and maintain the CIPURSE™ Specification, which offers an advanced foundation for developing highly secure, interoperable and flexible mobility solutions across multiple use cases. Thanks to the support of its members, which are 100+ companies and continue to expand, CIPURSE is now considered the open standard for the transport ticketing industry, with deployments and projects worldwide. As the industry turns its attention towards developing more seamless, advanced mobility services for consumers, OSPT Alliance is now focused on communicating how its cornerstone CIPURSE platform can drive forward the development of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions.
  • OSPT Alliance is a global community that exists to enable the future of mobility services across a variety  of markets including transport ticketing, access control and  micro-payments. The association develops and maintains the  CIPURSE Specifications. 
  • Thanks to the support of its members – CIPURSE is already considered the open standard for transport ticketing with deployments live across Latin America, Russia, Korea and Spain, to name just a few. But its applications are far greater.…

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