Spark Connected

Spark Connected is a global leader specializing in multiple advanced and safe wireless power technologies that benefits a wide variety of applications in the Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Robotics, Telecom, Factory Automation, IOT, Smart Home, Consumer and Telecom markets.

Spark Connected offers flexible engagement models by tailoring its technology and services that fit the needs of each customer:

  • Spark offers the broadest range of wattages today (<2W to >300W) and are expanding into kW range of solutions.
  • Spark technology is currently in customer product development in the areas of consumer and industrial laptop, tablet, automotive, infrastructure, e-mobility fleet management, furniture, 5G telecom, industrial IOT and health tech industries.
  • Spark licenses its proven technology, Pantheon™ software, and system-level design blueprints
  • Spark offers a range of turn-key reference designs and customized deployment options, and is the only company with multiple types of wireless power technologies.
  • Spark is a member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC/Qi), holds multiple co-chair positions, and is helping to innovate and drive the next generation Qi standard.

Spark Connected at a Glance

  • Founded: 2017
  • Headquarters: Dallas, Texas – USA
  • Company size: 11-50 employees and growing
  • Partnered with Infineon Technologies
  • Broad wireless power IP/Patent portfolio
  • Secured first-mover advantage in multiple market segments
  • Multiple wireless power technologies, including Inductive and Resonant solutions
  • Industry leader in multiple wireless power technologies
  • Established ecosystem of technology, manufacturing and testing partners
  • Member of the Wireless Power Consortium (Qi) and elected to the following Co-Chair positions:
    • WPC Mobile/Laptop Task Force
    • Automotive Application Group
    • New Power Transmitter Review Task Force
    • WPC Enhanced Foreign Object Detection Task Force (EFOD TF)

Spark Connected’s contribution to the Infineon Partner Ecosystem

  • Software Design: system intelligence and control intelligent control, API, algorithm intelligence, artificial intelligence, data architecture & code release, maintenance & configuration control
  • Hardware Design: customer UX requirements, system-level modeling & simulations, hardware schematic design, coil magnetic flux modeling & simulations, coil & antenna designs
  • PCB Layout: optional per customer needs
  • System Integration: support across product design, test and validation, Qi compliance, support FCC, CE and UL, CISPR EMI testing and integrating Spark wireless power into customer end-products
  • ODM/CM Support: design & layout reviews, simulation support, device substitution evaluation support, thermal & emissions modeling, test & validation support
  • Design Care Package (DCP): hardware schematic design, Bill of Material (BOM), coil design and specifications, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) specifications, documentation
  • On-site support: optional per customer needs