IDEX Biometrics

IDEX Biometrics turn-key solution brings a highly-differentiated smart card reference design by IDEX Biometrics and Infineon Technologies.
The tight integration of the design enables fingerprint authentication with low latency, high accuracy, and excellent power efficiency. Full biometrically-authenticated EMV transactions can be completed in approximately 500 milliseconds end to end. The platform solution enables safe and easy user enrollment, secure storage of fingerprint templates, and rapid matching, all without any biometric data ever leaving the card. The COS is fully compliant with GlobalPlatform security standards and EMV interoperability requirements.

Card manufacturers leveraging the IDEX Biometrics turnkey solution can benefit from reduced time-to-market by six to nine months, while significantly cutting development and certification costs. The complete solution includes the hardware reference design including a proprietary passive inlay, a new COS, a suite of financial applets and a proprietary matching algorithm, deployed on Infineon’s latest secure element SLC38 and accelerated by our proprietary TrustedBio ASIC. Fingerprint authentication is provided by the IDEX Biometrics TrustedBio solution, which incorporates a fingerprint sensor, biometric functions, power management, and encrypted communications into a single module.