Ventures News: Toshiba Unveils Newest Wireless 802.11g Cable Modem Gateway Product

Dec 11, 2003 | Business & Financial Press

The Western Show 2003

ANAHEIM, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 3, 2003--

Toshiba's Digital Solutions Division Introduces New 802.11g-Enabled Modem to MSOs and Cable Operators at the Western Show in Anaheim, California

Toshiba Digital Solutions Division today introduced its 802.11g-enabled PCX4500 Wireless Cable Modem Gateway at The Western Show in Anaheim, Calif. The PCX4500 is the newest product in a line of all-in-one cable modem, wireless router and firewall units manufactured by Toshiba.

The PCX4500 Wireless Cable Modem Gateway is Toshiba DSD's first home networking solution to contain an 802.11g wireless router. The PCX4500 is CableHome 1.1-based and DOCSIS 2.0-based and includes Internet security technology from Jungo Software Technologies. The unit also includes a 10/100 port and Texas Instrument's TurboDOXTM Bandwidth Acceleration Software for speeds up to 20 times faster than non-TurboDOXTM cable modems.

"MSOs and cable operators will now have the CPE (customer premise equipment) needed to capitalize on the wide-open home networking market and expand revenue streams," said Yasuyuki Shimizu, vice president of engineering. "The PCX4500 contains everything the cable broadband subscriber wants today: the speed and range of 802.11g, the fastest speeds and capabilities available in a cable modem and the security of a Jungo OpenRG(TM) RG-Firewall(TM). We expect to see significant sales of this unit to service providers and to subscribers through the retail channel."

The PCX4500 will be available for sale to MSOs and cable operators in the first quarter of 2004. The units will have an MSRP of $129.