Infineon achieves full compliance with German Corporate Governance Code and commits to additional measures in its own code

Dec 3, 2002 | Business & Financial Press

Munich, December 3, 2002 – Infineon Technologies AG today published its own Infineon Corporate Governance Code and its declaration of compliance in accordance with article 161 of the German stock corporation act. This marks a further milestone in the implementation of the company’s comprehensive corporate governance strategy. It signals that Infineon is fully compliant with all the recommendations of the government commission appointed to frame the German corporate governance code. Moreover, the Infineon code goes beyond these recommendations by defining additional specific measures to ensure effective, value-oriented corporate governance.

As part of the recommendations for good and responsible corporate governance, a retention of 25 percent of the individual fixed annual salary was determined in the Directors & Officers insurance for the members of the Managing Board and a retention of 100 percent of the fixed annual remuneration of the Supervisory Board. In order to monitor and develop the provisions, the company has appointed a Corporate Governance Coordinator, who will report directly to the Managing Board and Supervisory Board.

“We support the efforts to further improve the corporate governance of German companies, which by any international comparison is already exemplary,” said Dr. Ulrich Schumacher, President and CEO of Infineon Technologies AG. “We are even going a step further with our own Corporate Governance Code and want to make our objectives for value-oriented management and supervision of the company even more transparent for our shareholders, customers, employees and the general public. We will develop this code on an ongoing basis and regularly verify compliance with its provisions across the entire company.”

What the Infineon Managing Board and Supervisory Board understand by corporate governance is a comprehensive concept that covers all entrepreneurial values, processes and objectives. It includes beside the Corporate Governance Code internal controlling standards as well as guiding principles for entrepreneurial conduct, commonly known as “business conduct guidelines”. And it also incorporates the guiding principles governing the organizational and supervisory obligations of the company.

The additional proposals of the government commission have also been implemented to the fullest possible extent at Infineon, with just two points of variance:

  • The compensation of the Managing Board is published separately according to fixed and variable components and stock options, albeit not specified in any further detail. The main reason for this is that all members of the Managing Board share the responsibility for managing the company. This solution was already part of Infineon’s transparent reporting system in previous years and describes the company’s success- and performance-related compensation system as an important building block for results-based corporate governance. For both Managing Board and employees, the variable compensation component is linked to the attainment of specific performance targets. In addition to their compensation, the Infineon Managing Board and selected managers receive stock options, which represent a long-term incentive to achieve a sustained increase in the share price.

  • The Chairman of the Supervisory Board is also the Chairman of the Audit Committee.

By producing its own Infineon Corporate Governance Code, the company is setting itself additional targets which exceed the requirements of the government commission code. The most important of these include:

  • Infineon shall keep its shareholders and the general public comprehensively and openly informed about the company and will endeavor to build on what is, when measured against the competition, already an excellent position in quarterly reporting – particularly at the level of the Business Segments.

  • The exercise of shareholder voting rights, especially at the Annual General Meeting, shall be supported and facilitated, for example by the broadcasting of the Annual General Meeting and the exercising of voting rights via the Internet.

  • As part of the two-tier Managing Board and Supervisory Board system, regular discussions on cooperation and support shall be held between these two bodies with the aim of improving efficiency.

For detailed information on Infineon’s corporate governance system, visit the "Corporate Governance" section of our Internet site.

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