IR's Gen8 IGBT Platform Wins Best National Electronic Product Solutions Award

Jun 10, 2014 | Market News

International Rectifier's (IR®) Generation 8 (Gen8) 1200V Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) technology platform has won "Best National Electronic Product Solutions" Award in the Smart Energy Solution category by ChinaECNet (, China Electronics Purchasing Association (CEPA) and Global Electronics China Magazine (GEC).

The Gen8 IGBT platform utilizes IR's latest generation Trench Gate Field Stop technology to offer benchmark performance for industrial and energy saving applications. The novel design allows best-in-class Vce(on) to reduce power dissipation and increase power density, and delivers superior robustness.

IR's new Gen8 IGBT new technology offers softer turn-off characteristics ideal for motor drive applications, which minimizes dv/dt to reduce EMI and over-voltage, increasing reliability and ruggedness. A narrow distribution of parameters offers excellent current sharing when paralleling multiple IGBTs in high-current power modules. The thin wafer technology delivers improved thermal resistance and maximum junction temperature up to 175°C.

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