Infineon Introduces OptiMOS™ Fast Diode (FD) 200V and 250V Optimized for Body Diode Hard Commutation

Mar 12, 2014 | Market News

Neubiberg, Germany – March 12, 2014 – Infineon Technologies (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) complements its Medium Voltage portfolio with the new OptiMOS™ FD 200V and 250V. The latest generation of Power MOSFETs is optimized for body diode hard commutation and leads to higher device ruggedness, lower voltage overshoot and reduced reverse recovery loss. This results in highest system reliability especially in hard switching applications such as Telecom Systems, Industrial Power Supplies, Class D Audio Amplifiers, Motor Control (for 48 – 110V systems) and DC/AC inverters.

Gaining reliability and saving costs
The OptiMOS FD family provides a reverse recovery charge (Q rr) optimized for the highest standards of performance. OptiMOS FD 200V and 250V achieve a Q rr reduction of 40 percent compared to a standard OptiMOS 200V and 250V. This means a significant leap forward in system reliability by reducing voltage overshoot and thus minimizing the need for a snubber circuit.

“Once again, Infineon has pushed the boundaries in the 200V and 250V voltage classes further. Setting new benchmarks is what keeps us moving forward. With the OptiMOS FD family we continue the successful path of leveraging switching performance. This latest generation of Power MOSFETs saves our customers engineering cost and design effort especially in hard switching applications,” says Richard Kuncic, Senior Director System Segment DC/DC at Infineon Technologies.

Keeping it simple and efficient
The new OptiMOS FD shows improved hard commutation ruggedness and therefore can be used under more demanding conditions like higher dv/dt, di/dt and current densities compared to existing 200V and 250V technologies in the market. This results in an ease of use keeping the design process simple.
Moreover the OptiMOS FD offers up to 45 percent on-state resistance (R DS(on)) as well as up to 65 percent Figure of Merit (FOM) reduction compared to alternative devices leading to highest efficiency and power density.

Portfolio and Availability
The OptiMOS FD 200V portfolio consists of D²PAK with R DS(on) of 11.7mΩ and TO-220 with R DS(on) of 12mΩ. The OptiMOS FD 250V portfolio consists of TO-220 with R DS(on) of 22 mΩ.

Samples are available in both voltage classes and all packages.

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