Infineon’s Energy-Saving Chips Reduce Global Energy Consumption and Outperform Worldwide Standards - Infineon Presents Innovative Power Management Products and Solutions at the PCIM Europe 2011

May 17, 2011 | Market News

Nuremberg, Germany - May 17, 2011 - True to the slogan “Energy – the efficient way”, Infineon Technologies is presenting an array of innovative products and solutions at the PCIM Europe 2011 trade show (May 17 to 19) in Nuremberg, Germany. They ensure that electronic devices and machinery consume significantly less energy.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) anticipates that global energy consumption will increase by over 35 percent in the next 20 years. About one third of the energy used worldwide is consumed in the form of electricity. This electric power is transmitted over long distances and often a great deal of energy is lost in the process. The intelligent deployment of power semiconductors counteracts this energy loss by enabling energy to be generated, distributed and converted with minimum loss. Using these energy-saving chips can also significantly increase the energy efficiency of electronic devices and machinery to secure maximum energy savings. The importance of thrifty energy use is gaining momentum as the world population continues to grow: it represents one of the largest energy resources available. As the world’s leading supplier of power semiconductors, Infineon makes a major contribution to reducing global energy consumption by supplying IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors), CoolMOS™, OptiMOS™ and SiC products. Infineon’s energy-saving chips are to be found in all kinds of electronic devices such as TVs, computers, power supply units, game consoles, servers, motors and machinery.

“Using Infineon’s energy-efficient semiconductor solutions allows as much as 25 percent of the global power consumption to be saved. Our products outperform the global energy efficiency standards and thereby offer our customers a clear competitive edge”, says Andreas Urschitz, Vice President & General Manager Power Management and Supply Discretes at Infineon Technologies.

Here are the highlights of the power management products and solutions Infineon is presenting at the PCIM Europe 2011 trade show:

New RC-Drives Fast IGBTs Enable up to 96% Energy Efficiency with High Switching Frequency While Reducing Inverter Size and Cost

Infineon expands its family of Reverse Conducting (RC) 600V IGBT with two new switching power devices that achieve up to 96% efficiency in target applications. The new RC-Drives Fast devices allow design of energy efficient, electric-motor driven consumer appliances that use smaller components and thus have a lower overall cost compared to alternative systems. Please find more information at

Infineon`s New Market Leading 650V CoolMOS™ CFD2 Technology with Integrated Fast Body Diode Takes Energy Efficiency in Applications like Servers, Solar, Telecom SMPS and Lighting to the Next Level

With its latest generation of high-voltage CoolMOS™ MOSFETs Infineon is rolling out another innovation setting new standards in the field of energy efficiency. Infineon presents the new 650V CoolMOS™ CFD2 – the world`s first high-voltage transistor with both a drain-source voltage of 650V and an integrated fast body diode. The new CFD2 devices succeed the 600V CFD products, enabling not only improved energy efficiency but also softer commutation behavior and therefore reduced EMI (electromagnetic interference) giving these products a clear competitive advantage. Please find more information at

Infineon Drives High-Efficiency Power Conversion Designs: OptiMOS™ in Medium Voltage Class Complete CanPAK™ Product Family

Infineon expands its OptiMOS™ power MOSFET portfolio, introducing 60V to 150V products in CanPAK™. This enables power system engineers to optimize designs for efficiency and excellent thermal behavior while requiring minimum board space. Compared to standard discrete packages, the CanPAK™ metal ‘can’ construction facilitates double-sided cooling along with almost no package parasitic inductances. The advantages of CanPAK™ are complimented by the performance of the OptiMOS™ family, which features the industry’s lowest R DS(on), and Q g across the entire voltage range. Low gate charge (Q g) results in the lowest switching losses in fast switching applications, like isolated DC-DC converters for telecom applications, as well as solar micro inverters and MPP trackers in solar energy systems. With the industry’s best R DS(on), Infineon’s CanPAK™ products exhibit lowest power losses in high current applications such as motor control. Please find further information at

SiC Schottky Diodes thinQ!™ - High Efficiency in a 1200V-compliant TO Package

The second generation of Infineon´s SiC Schottky diodes has over time emerged as the industry standard. Infineon has now extended this already broad portfolio with 1200V diodes in the new TO-247HC (High Creepage) package.

This new package layout is fully compatible with the industry standard TO-247 and can therefore easily be placed in already existing designs, without extra efforts. The higher creepage distance increases the safety margin against the risk of short circuits, especially arcing, which might be triggered by the presence of dust or dirt inside the system. This reduces the need of additional chemical (silicone gel or cream) or mechanical solutions (sheaths or foils) needed to avoid any pollution between the package leads, with all the benefits of a lean and fast manufacturing process. The SiC Schottky diodes thinQ™ portfolio is aimed at applications like Solar, UPS, SMPS or Motor Drives and fully meets our customer`s increasing demands towards improving energy efficiency and power density. Further information

New 60V Logic Level OptiMOS “606” Family of Small Signal MOSFETs

Infineon is renowned for its excellent Automotive Qualified (AEC Q101) Small Signal MOSFETs. Now the portfolio is extended with the 60V logic level OptiMOS “606” family. With Best–in-Class R DSon for the given footprint these 60 mOhm Logic Level devices have a low Q g for improved efficiency at low load. Products are available in the popular SOT89, TSOP6 and SC59 packages and are particularly suitable where space saving and low power consumption are essential requirements. Target applications include, as an external FET for low power DC/DC converters, balancing in a Battery Energy Control Module (BECM) for electric vehicle, hybrid electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and as an external FET for several microcontrollers. Further information

About Infineon

Infineon Technologies AG, Neubiberg, Germany, offers semiconductor and system solutions addressing three central challenges to modern society: energy efficiency, mobility and security. In the 2010 fiscal year (ending September 30), the company reported sales of Euro 3.295 billion with approximately 26,650 1 employees worldwide. Infineon is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: IFX) and in the USA on the over-the-counter market OTCQX International Premier (ticker symbol: IFNNY).

1The number of employees still includes the approximately 3,500 employees of the Wireless Solutions business sold to Intel Corporation.

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