Infineon Drives High-Efficiency Power Conversion Designs: Medium Voltage MOSFETs Complete CanPAK™ Product Family

Mar 7, 2011 | Market News

Neubiberg, Germany and Fort Worth/Texas, USA – March 7, 2011 – At APEC 2011, Infineon Technologies (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) announced that medium voltage power MOSFETs, OptiMOS™, are now available in the CanPAK™ 1) package. These products can be used in a wide range of industrial applications like DC-DC converters, solar micro inverters, Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT) in solar energy systems, low voltage drives and synchronous rectification for servers. The addition of 60V-150V MOSFETs to the Infineon CanPAK™ portfolio enables power system engineers to optimize designs for power density, efficiency and excellent thermal behavior while requiring minimum board space. This optimization contributes to cost savings and long operating life in applications ranging from servers to renewable energy systems.

Compared to standard discrete packages, the CanPAK™ metal ‘can’ construction enables double-sided cooling along with almost no package parasitic inductances, leading to highest efficiency and system miniaturization. Thermal resistance on the top side of the package is very low (1.5 K/W (Kelvin per Watt) vs. 55K/W for a traditional DPAK), which allows efficient device cooling from still air convection in the power conversion systems of solar energy installations or fan-assisted airflow, which is common in servers for data centers.

The advantages of CanPAK™ are complimented by the performance of OptiMOS™ MOSFETs, which feature industry’s lowest R DS(on), and Q g across the entire voltage range. Low Gate charge (Q g), results in the lowest switching losses in fast switching applications, like isolated DC-DC converters for telecom applications as well as solar micro inverters and MPP Trackers in solar energy systems. With the industry’s best R DS(on), Infineon’s CanPAK™ products exhibit lowest power losses in high current applications such as motor control. They are also ideally suited for industrial applications like synchronous rectification in Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS).

Availability and Pricing

Engineering samples are available now, production release is in April 2011. OptiMOS™ 60V-150V in CanPAK™ comes in R DS(on) classes from 2.8 to 28mOhm. For small quantities (10k units), pricing begins at 0.40 US Dollar.

The OptiMOS™ 60V-150V in CanPAK™ is highlighted at APEC 2011 (March 6-11) in Fort Worth/Texas, USA (Booth #517). Further information about Infineon’s CanPAK™ products can be found at:

1) CanPAK™ uses DirectFET™ technology licensed from International Rectifier Corporation. DirectFET™ is a registered trademark of International Rectifier Corporation. The industry’s lowest on-state resistance in all voltage classes.

About Infineon

Infineon Technologies AG, Neubiberg, Germany, offers semiconductor and system solutions addressing three central challenges to modern society: energy efficiency, mobility, and security. In the 2010 fiscal year (ending September 30), the company reported sales of Euro 3.295 billion with approximately 26,650 employees worldwide. With a global presence, Infineon operates through its subsidiaries in the U.S. from Milpitas, CA, in the Asia-Pacific region from Singapore, and in Japan from Tokyo. Infineon is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: IFX) and in the USA on the over-the-counter market OTCQX International Premier (ticker symbol: IFNNY).

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  • Infineon Drives High-Efficiency Power Conversion Designs: Medium Voltage MOSFETs Complete CanPAK™ Product Family
    Infineon Drives High-Efficiency Power Conversion Designs: Medium Voltage MOSFETs Complete CanPAK™ Product Family

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