The Infineon SLE 66PE Contactless Family Makes Electronic Identification and Payment Schemes Faster and More Secure

Nov 7, 2006 | Market News

Paris, France / Munich, Germany – November 7, 2006 – Today at the Cartes Trade Show, Infineon Technologies AG (FSE/NYSE: IFX), the world’s leading supplier of integrated circuits (ICs) for chip cards, announced availability of the new high-security contactless-interface microcontroller family.  The SLE 66PE products are designed to further advance performance and execution speeds for electronic passports, identity cards, e-government cards and payment cards. 
For global reader interoperability, every family member fully complies with all major present-day contactless interface formats with their respective data transmission protocols.  They are the only contactless chips today that are able to communicate with the existing reader device infrastructure all over the world.
Security levels for identification and payment applications will continue to rise.  The new high-security contactless chips considerably shorten authentication times by speeding up encryption and decryption operations.  Their very high transaction speeds of up to 848 kbit/s for communicating with the reader device is twice the speed of today’s typical transaction.  The integral security concept fulfills all mandatory international security requirements.  The products are undergoing the Common Criteria “EAL 5+ high” certification process based on the BSI-PP-0002 protection profile.
Infineon enables global interoperability of payment and ID schemes
For global interoperability, the SLE 66PE portfolio supports the complete range of contactless proximity interfaces, such as ISO/IEC 14443 Type B and Type A with optional ISO/IEC 18092 passive mode (Felica® communication interface) and optional Mifare® emulation.  
Therefore, cards or tokens integrating SLE 66PE products can communicate with today’s existing reader infrastructure for contactless and dual-interface applications.  This is in contrast to other commercially available contactless chip card ICs which are restricted to a subset of international contactless-interface standards or disregard the high-security levels demanded by some applications, such as e-government.  
Fast and reliable identification for electronic passports, identity cards and e-government cards
As of 2007, security levels of identification applications of electronic passports, identity cards and government cards will further increase by adding advanced encryption algorithms to be executed during authentication.  By using the Infineon contactless SLE 66PE products, which feature an internal clock rate of 30 MHz and provide up to 848 kbit/s of transaction performance, these higher security levels will not expand authentication times.  The 66PE microcontrollers also feature contactless cryptography for RSA (Rivest, Shamir, Adlemen), DES (Data Encryption Standard), Triple-DES and Elliptic Curves, and an impressive set of other security mechanisms including active protective shields on the surface of the chip and sensors that help prevent unauthorized people from reading the contents of the chip.
“With the newest contactless 66PE portfolio, Infineon sets a benchmark to serve high-security e-payment and e-ID markets fulfilling their mandatory security and interoperability needs,” said Ingo Susemihl, Senior Marketing Director at the Chip Card & Security ICs business unit of Infineon Technologies.  “The contactless PE family has a unique position in the market with its support of multi-standards, offering of the highest security and certifications levels, focus on infrastructure compatibility, and fast transaction and communications speed.”
Infineon offers the world’s first security chips to enable concurrent usage of the contact-based and contactless interfaces allowing the payment to authenticate through the network while the user is on the phone, without interrupting the mobile connection.
Technical features of SLE 66PE, and its members SLE 66CLX360PE and SLE 66CLX800PE
Six devices within the new contactless SLE 66PE family are available now.  These devices have various EEPROM size and contactless interface.  All six products offer a contact-based interface according to ISO/IEC 7816 for usage in dual-interface applications.  For example, the SLE 66CLX360PE provides 36 Kbyte of EEPROM, 240 KByte of ROM to store the operating system and program code, as well as the 7,100 Byte of RAM including a Crypto RAM for fast program code execution during operation.
The SLE 66CLX800PE features 80 KByte of EEPROM, 240 Kbyte of ROM, and 7,100 Byte RAM including Crypto RAM.  With its tailored set of EEPROM/ROM and RAM memory sizes, the SLE 66CLX800PE ideally suits International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements for the secure storage of the biometric and personal data in travel documents.
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Infineon at Cartes Trade Show
During the three-day Cartes Trade Show (November 7-9, 2006), Infineon is demonstrating its new security microcontrollers for dual-interface and contactless chip card applications and comprehensive contactless portfolio that will help drive industry innovation.  The new high-security contactless microcontroller SLE 66CLX360PE is being demonstrated in an e-passport and payment application scheme.  Infineon’s Booth is located at #4J002 in Hall 4 at the Cartes Trade Show.  Please visit for more information on Infineon’s live demonstrations at Cartes Trade Show.  Further information on Infineon’s chips for smartcard applications is available at

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