New Tire Pressure Sensor from Infineon is Industry’s First “Single-Package” Solution for U.S. Auto Safety Requirements

Oct 17, 2006 | Market News

Detroit, Michigan and Munich, Germany – October 17, 2006 – At the Convergence 2006 trade show today, Infineon Technologies (FSE/NYSE: IFX) introduced the SP35 Tire Pressure Sensor, the first device to incorporate all the major active functions of a wheel-mounted Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) module into a single package.  The highly integrated device, which is mounted on a PCB (printed circuit board) with a battery and antenna to form a complete TPMS module, enables automotive industry suppliers to cost-effectively meet the requirements of U.S. safety regulations, and to address the growing worldwide demand for TPMS in new passenger cars and light trucks.
The SP35 is a tire pressure sensor that builds on Infineon’s extensive experience in delivering TPMS solutions and its know-how in sensor, radio frequency (RF) and microcontroller devices.  By eliminating the need for separate communications chips in the TPMS module, the SP35 reduces the complexity and cost of the module by approximately 10 percent.  The single-package device integrates a MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical System) pressure, acceleration and temperature sensor with an 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) and wireless communication between the TPMS module and the electronic control unit via an AM/FM (Amplitude Modulation/Frequency Modulation) RF transmitter and LF (low-frequency) receiver.  The MCU silicon also includes memory, a battery voltage monitor, and advanced power control elements. 
“Infineon made an early commitment to TPMS technology, and provided solutions across several product generations as the concept evolved from a premium offering on performance vehicles to today’s mass-market roll-out,” said Christopher Cook, General Manager of the Automotive, Industrial and Multimarket (AIM) Business Group, Infineon Technologies North America Corp .  “As the U.S. industry adopts TPMS to comply with safety regulations, our experience positions us to provide the most advanced technology available. It is our objective to develop ever-more-intelligent sensors that will help make cars even safer, and that will reduce fuel consumption and pollutant levels as they begin to play an increasingly important role in engine management.”
The U.S. requirement for TPMSs in light vehicles (those weighing less than 10,000 pounds) is being phased-in in 2006 and 2007 for all new vehicles sold in the country.  Auto manufacturers and suppliers of tires are implementing solutions that measure key parameters of tire pressure and transmit this information to a control system.  A driver warning is generated when the pressure in any one tire, or in any combination of as many as four tires, falls to 20 percent below the manufacturer's recommended cold-inflation pressure.  Tire pressure monitoring is also being adopted in other regions, particularly Europe, in response to customer demand and safety goals.
Infineon is a market leader in sensors and related integrated circuits for automotive safety applications, including TPMS, air bag, ABS and electronic stability control and roll-over sensors. In fact, every new car worldwide contains on average five sensors from Infineon supporting safety applications.
Package, Price and Availability
The SP35 Tire Pressure Sensor is packaged in a P-DSOP-14 package.  The device is suitable for tire pressures ranging from 100 kPa (14.50 psi) to 450 kPa (65.25 psi).  Samples of the SP35 version are available now at a price of $8, and volume production is scheduled for Q3.2007.  A higher pressure version (for the range from 100 - 800 kPa) version is planned for availability in early 2008.
The sensing element is based on Infineon’s patented triple-stack technology, which provides best-in-class media compatibility for the harsh automotive environment.  Infineon is one of the few semiconductor manufacturers to offer the three main sensor groups (pressure, magnetic and inertia) for safety and powertrain, as well as body and convenience, electronics.  For further information on Infineon’s sensor portfolio, please turn to
Infineon is showcasing the SP35 and its portfolio of automotive semiconductors at the Convergence 2006 trade show October 16-18, 2006, in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

About Infineon

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