Infineon Introduces New Flash Memory Microcontrollers; Targeted Feature Sets Achieve Some 15 Percent Potential Cost Saving for 32-bit Systems and Overall System Cost Reduction Using New 8-bit Flash Microcontroller

Feb 22, 2005 | Market News

Munich / Nuremberg, Germany – February 22, 2005 – At the Embedded World show 2005 in Nuremberg, Infineon Technologies AG (FSE/NYSE: IFX) today announced the availability of its latest microcontroller (MCU) products, including its first 8-bit Flash microcontroller and two 32-bit microcontrollers based on the TriCore™ architecture.

Competitively priced at less than one Euro per piece, the new 8-bit XC866 microcontroller includes on-chip voltage regulator and oscillator to reduce overall system cost. The new 32-bit TriCore-based TC1115, designed to meet the increasing performance requirements of cost-sensitive drive and industrial control applications, enables a cost saving potential by some 15 percent for applications without the need of embedded Ethernet. The TC1796 of the AUDO-NG family offers four times increase in computing power compared to today’s solutions. The TC1796 is the first broadly available TriCore-based MCU with embedded Flash memory (2MByte). Designed for use in automotive engine and transmission control systems as well as industrial drives, it enables innovative automotive control solutions to improve engine performance, thus meeting demanding European emission control regulations and achieving improved fuel efficiency.

“It is Infineon’s goal to offer microcontroller solutions with tailor-made performance at competitive cost to meet specific system requirements supporting advanced real-time operating systems,” said Frank Grobe, Senior Manager Marketing, Automotive, Industrial & Multimarket business group at Infineon Technologies AG. “We want to continuously enhance flexibility and scalability to adapt features to the application requirements of our customers.”

Technical information on the XC866 microcontroller

The XC866 is a high-performance 8-bit microcontroller based on the standard 8051 architecture with on-chip flash memory and powerful peripherals. The XC866 offers fast instruction cycle times of only 75ns to 150ns and flash memory capacity of up to 16KByte. The device offers 12KByte program flash and 4KByte data flash, which also can be used for program storage. Performance and cost-saving features of the XC866 include a 26.67MHz system frequency, an on-chip oscillator and PLL for clock generation and an embedded voltage regulator supporting single voltage supply of 3.3V or 5.0V. A high-performance capture compare unit enables flexible PWM signal generation with special modes for motor control. The peripherals also include an 8-channel 10-bit AD converter, three 16-bit timers, UART, SCC (Synchronous Serial Channel) and on-chip debugging support (JTAG). Based on the high-performance XC800 core and its rich peripheral set, the XC866 is well-suited for a wide range of different applications, such as industrial motor control, automotive body and consumer drives.

Technical information on the TC1115 microcontroller

The 32-bit TC1115 is designed for applications such as PLC (Programmable Logic Control), high-end drives, robotics, industrial field bus controllers, communication devices and other general-purpose industrial control applications. Its built-in Memory Management Unit (MMU) supports applications using the Linux operating system. It offers an on-chip Floating Point Unit (FPU), a clock-rate up to 150MHz, and available peripherals such as MultiCAN or high-speed serial I/Os (ASC, SSC). Compared to other Tricore-based devices for industrial applications (the TC1130 product), the TC1115 has a reduced peripheral set targeting cost-sensitive high-performance applications.

Other competitive features of the TC1115 include 144KByte of on-chip RAM memory, a 32-bit high-performance External Bus Unit (EBU) for fast access between caches and external memories, and Infineon’s Flexible Peripheral Interface bus (FPI) for enhanced on-chip communications. A capture and compare unit and a multifunction GPTU (General Purpose Timer Unit) enable flexible PWM signal generation. Like all TriCore-based microcontrollers, the TC1115 combines the real-time capability of a microcontroller, the math performance of a DSP and the simple programmability of the RISC architecture. The TC1115 features a dual voltage supply with 1.5V core and 3.3V I/O voltage.

Technical information on the TC1796 microcontroller

The TC1796 is the latest member of the Infineon AUDO-NG family. It offers 150MHz system speed at full automotive temperature range, 2MByte embedded program flash and 128KByte data flash memory. The new 32-bit TriCore-based microcontroller is ideally suited for use in demanding automotive and industrial control applications that require real-time performance combined with DSP capabilities and very fast interrupt response times. Innovative peripherals like the Micro Second Bus, the Micro Link Interface for serial inter-processor communications and the advanced triple bus (local memory bus and two peripheral busses) structure make the TC1796 one of the most powerful 32-bit automotive microcontrollers. The 32-bit Peripheral Control Processor (PCP 2) with single-cycle instructions offloads tasks from the CPU and increases the overall computing performance.

The feature set of the TC1796 also includes two Asynchronous Serial Channels (ASC), two SSCs, a CAN module with four CAN nodes (MultiCAN) for high efficiency data handling, two GPTAs with a powerful set of digital signal filtering and timer functionality to realize autonomous and complex I/O management, a Local Timer Cell Array (LTCA) for signal generation purposes, two medium speed AD converter units with 8-bit, 10-bit or 12-bit resolution and a fast AD converter unit. The TC1796 operates at 1.5V core and 3.3V I/O voltage.

Availability, Packaging and Pricing

Samples of the new microcontroller solutions are available now. The XC866 comes in a green P-TSSOP-38 package for industrial and automotive temperature ranges, the TC1115 in a P-LBGA-208 package and the TC1796 in a P-BGA-416 package.

In quantities of 10k, the XC866 is priced at approximately Euro 1.00 per piece; the TC1115 is priced at Euro 10.25 each; and the TC1796 is priced at Euro 19.00 per piece.

Infineon will present the new microcontrollers at the Embedded World 2005 show (February 22 – 24, 2005, Nuremberg, Germany) at booth 356 in Hall 12.

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