Infineon Technologies presents new generations of power ICs and power semiconductors for more efficient and cost-effective power supplies

May 20, 2003 | Market News

Munich / Nuremberg, Germany – May 20, 2003 – At the PCIM 2003 show (Nuremberg, May 20-22, 2003), Infineon Technologies (FSE, NYSE: IFX) is showcasing its new family of switched mode power supply power ICs, high-voltage power MOSFETs and IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors), which allow the development of cost-effective and highly efficient power supplies. Thanks to their low power consumption, high efficiency and extended functionalities, these semiconductors are predestined for use in state-of-the-art, sophisticated power supply designs.

State-of-the-art power supply applications are characterised by such criteria as further reduced power consumption and higher efficiency for less heat and low energy consumption and longer battery service lives. At the same time, the devices are expected to become ever smaller. For this reason, compact, reliable power components with high power density are required. In launching the new 500V CoolMOS, F3 switched mode power supply power IC and HighSpeed2 IGBT families, Infineon enables miniaturisation, higher density and efficient power supplies.

Infineon has extended its industry-standard-setting CoolMOS™ family with new 500V versions, which, compared with conventional 500V power MOSFETs, offer significantly higher performance in the same packaging. Furthermore, Infineon is also launching the third generation (F3) of its fixed frequency switch mode power supply power driver ICs with extremely low power standby for innovative switch mode power supply designs. Space and cost savings also come in the form of the new HighSpeed2 IGBT family, which combines the advantages of conventional IGBTs and MOSFETs.

“ A new concept for intelligent energy management in all spheres of life and industry is one of the global challenges of this century. Power electronics is ascribed a key role in this regard,” said Dr. Reinhard Ploss, head of business group Automotive & Industrial at Infineon Technologies. “In the power semiconductors sector, Infineon ranks amongst the market leaders, where it enjoys a technological lead of about 15 months. Our intelligent semiconductor concepts and new families of innovative power semiconductors enable the design of compact, power-saving and thus environmentally-friendly power supplies.”

Technical information on 500 V CoolMOS power MOSFETs

Infineon has now extended its successful power MOSFETs in CoolMOS C3 technology with a 500 V product family. The area-specific resistance (RDSon x A) is smaller by a factor of 3 than that of conventional MOSFETs, which reduces the power losses whilst increasing the efficiency of the application. With the new 500 V MOSFETs of the CoolMOS C3 family, it is possible to further miniaturise switched mode power supplies and save significantly more energy. These beneficial properties are particularly useful in electronic lamp ballast control equipment, adapters for notebook computers and LCD displays as well as in compact switched mode power supplies for servers, PCs and consumer electronics. By way of illustration, in a 120W adapter for notebook computers, the power losses of a 500 V power MOSFET in standard technology (best-in-class in TO-220 package) are 5.4 Watt. With the new 500 V CoolMOS C3 (also best-in-class in TO-220 package), the overall power losses of the MOSFET can be reduced by 45 percent to 3 Watt. As a result, the efficiency of the notebook adapter can be improved by 2 percent from 90 percent to 92 percent, for example.

Technical information on F3 switched mode power supply power driver IC family

With the F3 family, Infineon is presenting what is the third generation of fixed frequency switched mode power supply power ICs. The F3 family offers a broad spectrum of additional protection and energy-saving functions such as “Active” burst mode, an integrated starting current source, a protection circuit for short-term overloads, such as, for example, those encountered with video recorders or DVD players due to the internal motors starting up, in addition to an extended error protection concept. Due to the “Active” burst mode and the integrated starting current source, the power consumption is reduced in standby mode to 100 mW, depending on the application.

The products of the F3 family are ideally suited for use in applications that require compact, light and cost-efficient power supplies offering optimised efficiency coupled with high reliability. These applications include LCD monitors, adapters for printers and notebook computers, DVD players and set-top boxes in addition to industrial auxiliary power supplies.

The use of F3 products reduces the development time for power supplies, which are to comply with the new EU directives for electronic devices relating to reduced power consumption in standby mode.

High-speed, space-saving IGBTs

The new HighSpeed2 IGBTs from Infineon present an inexpensive alternative for high-voltage MOSFETs (1,000 V or higher). The new IGBTs are accommodated in particularly space-saving packages (DPak) resulting in cost advantages of about 15 percent on system level. By using the HighSpeed2 IGBTs in switched mode power supplies, it is possible to increase the efficiency compared with linear/passive power supplies by up to 30 percent. The new IGBTs are ideally suited for use in electronic lamp ballast, compact switched mode power supplies for industrial and consumer applications, as well as for line deflection circuits in CRT monitors.

Availability and Pricing

The three new product families 500 V CoolMOS C3, F3-Controller and HighSpeed2 IGBT are available in high-volume quantities.
The price for the F3-Controller products is around Euro 0.57 for quantities of ten thousand. For quantities of 50,000, the unit price for the HighSpeed2 IGBT with 1,200 V, 1A, DPAK (comparable with a 1,000V MOSFET, 2 Ohm) is below 0.40 Euro. The 500 V CoolMOS C3 for example for a 0.28 Ohm module in the TO-220 package is below 1 Euro for quantities of 50,000.

Infineon will be presenting its new power semiconductors at the “PCIM 2003” show (May, 20-22, 2003, Nuremberg, Germany) in Hall 12 at booth 501.

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